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Monday, June 2, 2014


So the baptisms didn’t happen.
It was a crazy week.
I’ll talk about the baptisms briefly
We were hoping for three.
1 dropped us Monday afternoon.
1 moved back in with her boyfriend on Tuesday
1 got drunk Wednesday and pushed it back
So none happened in Bermuda. BUT! OSCAR and ABBY got baptized in BV!!! It was so good to go back and see everyone (this baptism was at night) I love them both.
Sam, Elder Wendt, Oscar, Abby, Elder Rushton

Sam, Oscar and Abby

Craig finished reading the Book of Mormon. He loves it. He wants to start reading it again now!
Zone conferences went wonderfully well! I love my topic and I love learning with these missionaries.
This week we have two more ZC and an MLC so it’ll be a good one.
-We have a lot of grown men and women cry to us which is a weird experience.
-I got a letter this week from a girl in a past area which was super uncomfortable. Summary: "Hi, how are you? Write me back! Bye." O_o
-We contacted a couple. The man was drunk and tried to take off his pants. The woman showed us her tattoo that ran from her upper torso to her hip. We left. X_X
I can’t believe it's already June. Life is good here in Vegas. I keep getting hotter and hotter. I don’t have much else to say. 
I love you all

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