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Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm about to finish my 2nd week in the MTC!

omigosh the mtc is so fun!
It's been a good week. We gave the last two zone conferences. I gave the same training 12 times and loved it each time.

It was interesting to see some missionaries grasp the skills and concepts and others who just let it all wash over their heads. I've learned on my mission the important lesson of being present. If you are somewhere, you need to want to be there. If you don't want to be there either change or repent. If you just sit through a meeting expecting it to be lame, you're going to be bored. But if you seek revelation you can receive it. Luckily I noticed that soon into my mission.
I guess it's like texting friends. If you want to talk to them so bad, why not just be with them. Do what you want but make sure that what you're doing is best. This is hard to explain and I don't know why I'm making you all listen to my rant. 
Craig is getting baptized on Saturday. I'm so excited. He's one of my absolute favorite investigators. I realized I haven't taught very many men in my mission.
This upcoming week is transfer week so we will probably be spending lots of time with President Neider. I'm excited to work on this and hopefully help him make all these things go smooth. 
Life is good here in Vegas. I don't have too much to write about. I got sunburned for the first time in like forever.
My life is so exciting and full of cool experiences but ... I just cant think of them right now.
Ya'll deserve better. 
Maybe sometime in the next two years I'll figure this thing out and send a half decent letter.
I love you all so much.

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