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Monday, February 25, 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighbor...Las Vegas baby!!! and it's almost March

Hellllo real world. Are you there Michigan? It’s me Elder Anderson.
As a quick starting note, we haven't been having too much work and not too much success in finding any either. So I've been praying/begging to find chances to serve and to talk with new people: to find people to help. This was a really good week. To butcher the song by the Insane Clown Posse (although idk how it could get any worse) "miracles, I see them all around me every day."  And that is fairly good description of what happens here. I haven’t seen too many of the things outlined in Hebrews 11 but I've seen a few. And they make me happy. I've always been a softie, I’ll admit that, but it’s interesting here how often I get emotional. I'm not a wreck or anything but I just get really happy a lot. Like when someone tells a story about their conversion or we watch someone commit to changing their lives or you find someone who has been waiting for the push to change. Or just simply when you see your prayers answered. That's been the nature of this week for me. Coupled with studying faith, I think I've come out of this week a better disciple of Christ than I went in. And that's the goal.

Monday was a super fun day. We played sports outside in the cold for a few hours, almost 3 and had a great time running and falling and all that good stuff. I got my first sunburn! Sounds weird but I haven’t really had one yet. Not that I want them by any means, but something so common before just happened to me for the like the first time in 6 months. Monday night we ate dinner with the Schwenke family which was nice. They are great people and I'm going to miss them a lot. Their food is really good but it's been nice to just... be able to have a good time with some good people and just swap stories and laughs. We had 2 lessons scheduled that night but both of them fell through. We had brought a member to the second one and then for the remainder of the night he lectured us. It wasn't bad; he was just telling us things that we needed to do. It was pretty funny actually. It went something like this: 1 [point of good advice and then 2 points of inappropriate things to say in English, then 1 point of good advice, then 2 inappropriate things in English. He was a funny guy. But a lot of the things he said I wouldn't repeat as a missionary or as a normal person, but to each his own. 

Tuesday was another great day. It was exchanges! All of you know how much I love exchanges. Not because I hate my companions but b/c it’s a good way to learn a lot more from a different perspective. Elder Slik is a really good missionary. I don’t know if anyone remembers but I met him at BYU. We had mutual friends and one night he used my oven. He was also in my BofM class. And Tuesday we were driving around Las Vegas preaching the gospel together. Who'd'a thunk? In the morning we were driving around trying to find people to visit when the impression came to visit a potential who really didn’t have that much potential. But we went. We knocked on the door and no one answered. We waited and then as we turned to leave a big ole moving van pulled up. We walked up and asked them if they wanted any help. They said that they were good but I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I jumped into the back of the truck and asked what should go in first? Then they responded and let me help. Sometimes you have to help others to help you help them, if that makes sense. They were super gracious because actually the man had been in an accident a few months ago and couldn’t lift anything and the woman was tiny. They would have been screwed had Elder Slik and I not been there. They had some ridiculously heavy stuff. I don’t wanna brag but I usually don’t struggle to lift boxes and stuff, but I think some of theirs were filled with lead. While visiting with the family between trips the man (they were boyfriend/ girlfriend and not married. That's why I call them man and woman) said that he was once a devil worshipper. Then he went on to tell us all the reasons that we, the 'dumb Mormons' were wrong. He said some interesting things I guess, they were all false doctrines and most of them based on the fact that we worship Warren Jeffs. It was a little bit eye opening how little people understand. We were able to explain that we were in no way affiliated with him and did not endorse anything he did. He seemed open to listen, but not interested in learning about the gospel. At least he's not confused anymore. The woman said thank you to us like a thousand times. Kinda cool I guess, because it was a lot like the other moving experience we had when I was on exchanges with Elder Martinez. But that was a huge blessing. We were there at exactly the right time to help someone who couldn’t really help themselves. We got lost a bunch that day. We parked the car a couple times and just walked the streets for an hour or so trying to find anyone to talk to. We found a few people but we would always end up down deep in some windy neighborhood and not sure how to get out. It was kind of funny, while turning into an alley we saw a pretty neat bike ramp and Elder Slik yells, “awww sick!” And as we finish turning the corner there was a young couple making out in the alleyway. They stopped and stared at us and we stopped and stared because we were so embarrassed. It was one of the most awkward 2 seconds of my life. We both tried to play it off but that didn’t work so we practically ran away. That night we taught a father how to use the priesthood to give a blessing to his sick daughter. That was an amazing experience helping people to exercise their priesthood to lead in their home in righteousness. Idk what better way to spend a Tuesday night. Then later we gave Marlon a blessing. I love Marlon so much. He is a good, good guy. He wants to be a good person more than most people I know. And it shows because of how happy and humble he is. Oh yeah, and then we also found a woman in the street who is less active and wants to get active so she can get her daughter baptized. That's not her only motive, they are actually interdependent. Like, she wants to get active for the right reasons.

Wednesday was also fantastic. We had district meeting which was pretty neat. Then later in our desperation to try to find people we walked around neighborhoods for 2 hours or so. We found interesting people. One person disfellowshipped and one person had his records removed. The first said for his story he just could go out and live the clubbing life on a Saturday night and then get all dressed up and go to sacrament meeting on Sunday. He said he was doing some bad things and he liked the bad stuff more than going to church so he stopped going. It was interesting to talk to him because he had been a ward mission leader and he seemed to have a testimony of the church but he just didn’t want to go anymore. But he did ask for a Book of Mormon to share with his girlfriend. I hope that she reads it, but I also hope that she doesn’t exist and that he was just too embarrassed to ask us for a copy. Either way if someone reads it they will be happy. That's all that matters! The other guy had some really bad experiences with bishops. Two bad ones in a row he said. So he wasn’t too interested in coming back anytime soon. They of course didn’t give us the full story but it made me sad to see them both so sad. English class Wednesday night was awesome. I just got to sit and talk to a guy about his life and his job at telemundo for like 45 minutes. I learned a lot. I love it when people tell me about their families and you can tell it’s a happy, functioning family. Too many of them that I've heard about here don’t fall into either of those categories. 

Freak I’ve got write faster. Thursday was a great day too! I was fasting for someone to find, someone to help. I had been praying all morning and we left almost instantly our prayers were answered. It was cold on Thursday, like 50 degrees and we saw someone working in their yard. We went over to ask him if we could help. He said yes and we started weeding for the complete strangers. As we got to talking he turned out to be a member of the church. He hadn't been active since he was a little boy but he'd been reading the BofM his whole life. He was working in the yard because he had no money and had to find whatever work he could because the job situation here is so bad. He lives with a daughter and her son and needed the money. As we talked more and more he told us that he had for the very first time since his boyhood said a sincere vocal prayer. He needed help. Then the exact moment that we called out to him was while he was taking a break to pray because his hands were cold (he was an older guy) and he didn’t know if he could keep doing this but he knew he needed to. That’s when we walked up to the fence and asked if we could help. 100% perfect timing. He said his prayers were answered and it was wonderful because mine were too. And to top it all off he was working for a member and when we talked to him, he gave us 3 names of people to go see! AHGHAGOAHO!!!! I hope that story made sense. It's an amazing one. Ughh. If it doesn’t I’ll tell you in 2 years. Oh man. It made me so happy. Prayer - answered. We taught 2 good lessons that night with our ward mission leader which went really well. Then Elder Crespo cut my hair because it was soooo long. 

Friday! Interviews! We had interviews with President Neider and that was awesome. He and I had a great talk for about half an hour. I learned a lot and I felt super good coming out of it. He's a good, good man. While we waited our turn Sister Neider trained us about street contacting.  Ahhh... We had some cool experiences that night street contacting and trying to apply what we learned. I’ll explain more later. No time. 

Saturday was awesome. We went to go teach a lesson but the woman was sick and so we walked the street and had 2 awesome service experiences. The first was good and it was scooping dog poop into a truck. More deets in 2 years. The second was incredible. AHHH!!! It makes me pumped just thinking about it. There was a man working out in his yard shoveling. But not just any man, the husband of a recent convert. But he is not interested in the church and actually doesn’t really like the missionaries or anyone from the church. He's kinda jealous. We asked him if we could help he said we'd get all dirty and then I was able to use my new favorite line "pshhh that’s what these are for, they're my work clothes!" He laughed and said whatever but it’s not my fault if you get dirty. So we didn’t say anything about the church and helped him shovel. As we did he started to talk to us and he opened up a lot. He told us stories and sooo much. The missionaries before hadn’t even been able to talk to him in a year and a half. Then after we finished the job he gave us a tour of his indoor and outdoor garden and was sooo happy and excited the whole time. We laughed with him and he told us all his gardening secrets. AOGIHAEGO it was so sick. I can’t explain it typing. I hope you get the gist. It was a 180 turn from how he used to be to how he was when we left. And his wife and kids came out and they were super happy to see us too. It was a great moment with that whole family.  Saturday was the night session of stake conference. EC translated which was cool so we got booth seats. It was a great session. There I saw the woman we talked to on Tuesday. She hadn't come to church in more than 2 years but because we invited her, she came. And she said she felt the spirit and she cried. Then she same to the Sunday session too. 

Sunday we got to go to the priesthood session b/c EC was translating. Sick! I liked it a lot and learned a lot. Then we went to the regular session which was a SLC broadcast. Elder Ballard spoke. That night we went to a great fireside. I got to see some old friends. Elders Sherwood and Johnson and Martinez and Sisters Despain and Franco and Fernandez. It was a fun time. 

Man. That was the week. SOOOOO much happened and each of the things I shared has soo many more details that I couldn’t really include because of time. But I loved it!!!!
I hope you all know that I love missionary work and what I am doing and that
I love you all so much.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


From February 18, 2013 . . .
Hellllooooo everyone!
Hey mom and dad. I love your letters. They make me think and recollect and keep me excited and focused on the work (not that I need extra excitement or focus) but 101% doesn't hurt does it?
I love you all tons. Sorry that last week's letter was so short. I'll do my best this week.

This week has been so cool! 3 different people have told us that there is something special about us. They can feel a different spirit when we are around. It took me by surprise but made me so happy. One member told us that he loved us and we were what he needed. That made my day, maybe my life! To have that profound of an effect on someone like that. Boy am I lucky!
So we hiked last week which was really fun. Sorry about the email. Here are 2 picks form the hike. I'll try to get the zone picture we took up there.

Not too much happened on Monday except eating at the Schwenke's. Soooo good.

Tuesday was crazy with transfers. President cancelled transfer conferences so the day was spent trying to find the missionaries and get their stuff transported. Luckily we still had time to do missionary work. But we welcomed a bunch of people unto our zone. Elder Mendes, and Elder Marquez (same one from central), Elder Slik (the one from BYU), Sister Nakaima (I think that's how you spell it, she's from Japan) and 2 new missionaries Elder Beers and Elder Meyers. It's fun! Tuesday I also met a missionary going to the Lansing mission and I talked to him about Michigan and all the stuff he needed to know and we tried to help him prepare to serve and all that. I think we were helping his mom the most. She was stressssseed. Moms sometimes get like that.

Wednesday was great. We went to visit a member family and they fed us a bunch. Like it was 2:30 and somehow they convinced us to eat a dinner-sized meal. It was sooooo good. I eat a lot out here but I don’t even care (well I do a little bit) because people love us so much and they make us succcchhhhh good food. Then for real dinner we had real Cuban food. It was good, but crazy different.

Thursday was district meeting and it was good. Before everything, I always devote myself to getting everything out of it possible, and it works. I learned a lot at district meeting. OH! Then we had a sick experience visiting members. (Can you tell what we've been focusing on? We are trying so hard to find people to teach.) We went in just randomly to stop by and her ex-son-in-law was there and so was her granddaughter and her granddaughter's boyfriend. The first 2 are inactive and the 3rd isn’t a member. We started by talking to the ex-son-in-law. He has been waiting for a time to come back to church and we shared with him and he said that he has a plan how to come back but he's just been waiting for a time to do it. Guess what? Now’s the time. He said he's gonna start when he goes back home. I believe him. It was so cool to talk with him and to encourage him. He knew that being away was not helping him; he just needed a little push to come back. I was so happy to be there at the perfect time to help him out. Then we switched to Spanish and started talking to the other 2. The granddaughter is in the same boat. She was active when she was littler and now wants to get back and wants her boyfriend to join the church too. When we had to move on to an appointment, she asked if we really had to go and couldn’t stay and share more scriptures. She says she gets scared when the home teachers and visiting teachers come by, but since we're young she can talk to us. That was cool. She did convince us to share another scripture right before we left. It feels so good to make people happy. At dinner on Thursday I got into a "pop-off" with a 5 year old. It was to see who is the better pop star. It was sooo funny and so much fun. She's a riot and mocked me silly! She had a lot of clever insults and wasn't afraid to challenge me to all sorts of dancing and singing competitions. Then we went to teach English class. I love helping out so much.

Friday was a crazy day. We had to loan the car to the other elders and then we got stranded without our bikes so we kinda lost all our afternoon, which was okay b/c it was weekly planning so we got to plan extra good. We met with a member that night who had served in this mission in 2005. He came back and got married and started a family. He was giving us all kinds of tips. From a returned missionary’s perspective, from a member’s perspective, and from a exNLVM missionary. It was cool and it taught me a lot about how I can be a better missionary. O! We had a FHE with a family about obedience and it went super well. One of the sons had just gotten out of prison and he had been searching for the truth ever since he got locked up. He liked the lesson and then came to church on Sunday! Then, later, a member talked about us and the specific things that we were doing that were good and the good spirit that we brought. It made me giddy. It made me feel good!

Saturday. OH man. We ate. So much. In the morning we had bfast with the stake president. Oh man. Stake president's wives always cook really, really, really well. Maybe that’s a prereq in the church handbook 1 or something. After that we had to help the new elders get some things b/c they were walking around their area without bikes. So we helped them get bikes so they can work more effectively. Then, a little later, we ate lunch at a member's house. Then we had a huuuuge dinner with a member. Carne Asada fries: a new favorite food. Then a less active woman gave us dinner too. We were so full I didn’t eat all Sunday. Literally.

Sunday was great. We did a lot of good stuff but we talked with a woman who has 22 cats. 22 cats. Her name? Kitty. She also has dogs and ferrets and guinea pigs.  But the cats all follow her around like she's Moses or something. It was funny but then when I thought about it, it was kinda scary.
So that's kind of the week. Idk.
I love you all so much!

We're hiking / AHHHHHHHHHh

From February 11, 2013. . .
I'm hiking.
Elder Crespo and I are staying together, I'll email you later.
Love yall!
Sunrise Zone missionaries
It’s 5:30pm and I just sat down.
This sucks... we went hiking and we've been stuck on the mountain cause one of the missionary sisters got kinda hurt....
I’m so sad
Thanks Abby for the letter!!! I was sooo happy to get it, and it was a bomb envelope - everyone was super jealous. I'll write you soon.
Alma 60 and 61 are great chapters. I love the difference in tone.

Monday was a pday. Pretty normal. 

Tuesday was zone training. It was a great, great meeting. We have an awesome zone. It'll be sad to see some of them go now b/c of transfers. This transfer is 5 weeks which is different. Our zone leaders are great missionaries -Elders Dubois and Kerr. We had a really interesting experience at lunch afterwards. Basically Sister Burrup and I had a prompting to go to a random Mexican restaurant that was pretty American and expensive and then when we got there someone paid for us to eat but more importantly we talked with the waitress who was interested in the gospel andddd suuuuper pregnant. She was pretty interested in eternal families. I can write more about this another time. Sorry!!!!

Wednesday was an interesting day. We talked with an old Veteran named Lewis for like 40 minutes which was a good talk. While talking to him we saw a man like minutes after he got mugged at gunpoint. It was nice to be able to help him calm down and get his head straight and call the cops. I stayed with him until the cops came. He peed his pants. I wanted to give him a hugeeee hug and never let go. He looked so sad and shaken up and scared. :( But we cheered him up a lot which is what we are supposed to do! Wednesday night Juan Pablo made us some Italian soup. Omigosh.  Soooo good. Probs the best soup I've ever had. He's a darn good cook. I don’t have time to tell the story how he learned. 2yearsmaybe

Thursday we had breakfast with a member and that was fun. During the day we knocked on a potentials door and he answered in his skivvies and nothing else. He was a big dude.  Then we went to English class. I love teaching English.

Friday was cleaning checks for our apartment. I’ll talk about those later. it didn’t go as bad as I thought. Not that I’m dirty. I’m actually neater than I was at home which is easy I guess haahaha. We had a bunch of lessons fall through which is sad. 

Saturday was a great day, they all are though. Literally. I love every day. I've gotten a lot better at deciding to be happy. Well, I've gotten better at a bunnnnch of different things. Hopefully they are evident when I come home.  Not that I’m thinking about home. Even though it sounds like I am. It’s just that I don’t have time to talk about things now. Jeez I’m a turd. Oh man Saturday was bomb. We were trying to visit a member in Spanish but we knocked on the wrong door and found a super less active woman who was super sick just got diagnosed with leukemia and dementia and she was really sick when she answered. She'd been praying for help and then we showed up!  So we gave her a blessing and she was crying the whole time b/c she was so happy. That made me choke up. This is serious stuff. Missions should be fun but we are changing people’s lives, here and in the eternities. I really truly believe that with all my heart. That is something that I keep in mind all the time. Then we went to move some couches which was good service, there were some hugeeee black widows in them. Then that night we visited some less active families and it went really well!  They were happy to see us which made me happy. 

Sunday we found out that we are not in Morning Sun this transfer.  So sad!  I loved that ward. We had an awesome sacrament meeting in Los Feliz. If your sacrament meetings aren’t awesome, repent. We get to take the sacrament, what a sacred, sacred blessing. That's harsh but I feel strongly about it. We got to pass the sacrament at night church which was cool. I haven’t done that in a while. OOO!!! Then we had the most bomb lesson I've had on my mission. I don’t even know how to describe it. Someone started asking us some questions after we knocked on the door looking for his parents and then he invited us in to talk more and we talked about all his life's greatest questions. The big tough ones, you know that everyone asks. All of them were answered by the Book of Mormon!  He loved it. Lovvvvvedd it. Like he said thank you like 20 times and wanted us to come back today but we are booked tonight so we'll be back tomorrow. Oh man it was dope. I wish I had time to write like 100 pages about how great it was. We taught the restoration and the plan of salvation all just through direct answering of his questions. He is an honest seeker of the truth and it was a pleasure to present him with it and have him understand and grasp it. He said that we were filling holes he's had for a long time, questions he's had since he was a kid we were answering. Oh man. I love being here.
Sorry this letter was so short!
I love you all so much.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Heeeelllo yall

The 3 pictures are :
My district from last transfer, including Elder Talmage

A frozen fountain. Funny for 3 reasons. It’s the middle of the desert - hot. Middle of the desert - dry. Middle of Las Vegas - ghetto (but not this house)! 
Me in a random messed up car.
I need to take more pics. I know! But here are three random ones that might make someone smile.

Alrighty.  So of course I never have sufficient time. But I will write like the wind!
This week I studied for a little bit the ten commandments specifically no idols and the Sabbath day. Oh man. If anyone wants to read a good talk read The Sabbath day by Elder Peterson from the April 1975 general conference. Fantastic.
Last Monday was good! At the Schwenke's house we ate Puerto Rican food at Elder Crespo's request and it was so good. I have always said that Mexican food was my favorite or maybe Asian or Italian or American... well I like food, but Puerto Rican food is sooo, soo good. In case you wanted to find a recipe or something it was arroz con gandules and pasteles (Puerto Rican tamales). They are a really wonderful family. They love the missionaries so much. Brother Schwenke is out of work right now (along with what seems like the rest of this city :( ) and he is really restless. He doesn’t like to be homebound. He works in construction and he loves it. We were talking about the Atonement to overcome our challenges, doubts and weaknesses and Sister Schwenke was so touched by it she began to cry. She said that she didn’t know what she could do to help her husband but that was the message she had been waiting and needing to hear. It was so touching. Understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes everything so much ... better. It helps put everything in to perspective because I guess it is everything. But it is such a blessing to be able to share it with others and see them understand it better and use it and change and be happy, because that's what it's all about. What a blessing. It truly is glad tidings of great joy and the best part about it is it's true! If you don’t believe me I have 2 friends who live in your area who would like to talk to you about it more.

Tuesday. Today was an interesting day. We had like 3 appointments and our dinner cancel last minute so we were driving around a lot. We talked to a lot of people. It was a slow day and I feel kind of bad for not having too much to write about Tuesday. Every day on the mission is a growing experience for me. I make sure of it. I learn something new each day and do my best to apply it somehow. And not just in my personal studies either. We talk with a lot of people about their ideas and their beliefs and they cover a wide spectrum so I am exposed to lots of different ideas and thoughts. Tuesday night we went to visit Marlon, the less active member that is trying to go on a mission and we talked about the Book of Mormon and we read it with him. He wanted to start over so he could make sure he knew it all. So we read the first chapter with him and had great insights about Lehi's vision. Then we talked more about the things he would need to do to prepare to serve a mission. While we were talking about this he started telling us about his father. When Marlon was like 14 his whole family converted but his parents got divorced shortly thereafter so most of his family never got into full activity. His dad later converted to being a Jehovah's Witness. His dad comes over to his house fairly frequently and tries to convince Marlon to change, but Marlon says he doesn’t listen because it doesn’t make sense and he doesn’t feel the spirit like he does when he talks about the gospel. He says he doesn’t know it all but he knows it’s true. This guy, oh I love him. He recognizes that he doesn’t know everything and for him it’s not a point of despair, it’s a chance for him to grow! I hope the whole world would act like that, about everything.

Wednesday! We had district meeting in the morning which I always love. Missionaries are pretty cool if you ask me. We met about how to work and coordinate with the members better and we have been trying that a lot recently. If you members didn't know, you are the key to the success of the missionaries in your area, if you want good missionaries support the ones in your ward. But we discussed ways to get the members more involved and more excited about helping us. Afffffter Distirct meeting we all went out to lunch to a supppper Mexican taco place. Like no one spoke English and everything was in Spanish. So I ordered a tongue burrito. When in Mexico, right? It was actually really good. I can see why it is a delicacy down there. Next time I'm going to try brain! (I need to know my enemies [the zombies] so I need to know what makes them so ... determined). Braiiiiins.  After the meeting we visited some older investigators and a few of them actually showed some interest! A side note here. We have been working on asking everyone for referral. Not using that word of course but those who accept us and reject us we ask if they know anyone who would be interested. Almost everyone says that they don’t know anyone in the city. It's weird, I wasn’t good at knowing my neighbors but I did know a few people around where I lived..... a few. It's sad and a little indicative of how this city works. I love it, but it makes me sad that people here are so sad. The people could just be lying to me to 'protect' their friends but I like to expect the best (worst?) of everyone. That night for dinner we drank lime cucumber juice. It was a day full of very Mexican food. That night we visited the ward missionaries in our English ward. They expressed their excited-ness to do the work but that they were sad because they couldn’t see the growth in the ward. The sister has and keeps the goal of giving out 3 BoM’s a day. 3! That's more than we give out. But she shared a story of how powerful a testimony and Book of Mormon could be. She said that she wrote hers in the cover and then gave it to someone. That woman got baptized a little bit later and called her to thank her. Then a few years later she saw her son in the celestial room of the temple. They got to talking and he told her that he just got back from a mission in Chile. She asked him and he told her that he had baptized over 500 people. 500 plus that whole family! All that came from one woman who wasn’t afraid to share what she knew to be true. 

Thursday we did English class at night which is always a blast. I love being able to help people to learn this language that they actually will use every day. That they need to use! They are always so gracious as well which makes it that much more worth it. 
No time! Ugghh. I'm bad at this.

Friday we had a lesson with our new investigators and it went really well. They told us over and over again how they want to learn more. Oh man. What good news. Their whole family wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. And I am so ready to help them learn. The only problem is they are pretty busy so we don’t get to meet with them as often as I would like. But no big. Baby steps. And home shucked corn. Then we visited a member who told us his conversion story. I don’t have time to share it all (it’s a good one) but the point is that 33 years ago he had a good impression of the missionaries and that was a big push for him getting baptized 31 years later. He had yelled and slammed the door in their face but they were still gracious and so that touched him. 

Ahhh!!! Saturday was soooo, sooo good. We did service twice! We helped a family take down a play structure and then helped a nonmember family move in. They were so thankful and they wanted to hear more of the gospel before we had even told them about it. Service opens people up. It made them so happy. They were older and struggling with a lot of big things. They were soooo happy when we helped them. I'm still smiling about it. Ugh. But then we talked about things that the man said he'd been wondering about his whole life. There’s more but no more time.

Sunday. The Superbowl had the city in a riot. I went to church 3 times which was cool. The fast paid off what seemed like instantly. It was wonderful. It was such a good week. Next week we have a few new people to teach and I am so excited.
Sorry. I'm bad at getting distracted and stuff.
I'll get better, but it’ll probably take me 2ish years.
I love you all so much