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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 1 MTC - June 30, 2012

Life here is absolutely ridiculous. Everything is so fast paced. I haven’t had time to do any writing until today and I won’t have time until next Friday. There is so much that has happened since Wednesday it feels like it has been a year already.

Wednesday was absolutely crazy. I have 2 companions and they are both pretty cool. Elder Noyes is from Boise and Elder Harvey is from Utah. Elder Harvey and I were actually in a class together at BYU and that was a natural connection. We have a lot of fun together but are also good at supporting each other throughout the day. I think that we won’t have too many problems at all as time goes on.

My district is an intermediate one. So I am here for 9 weeks, which is what I want and need. I never thought I would want to stay here that long but I know there is so much more I need to learn. Spanish is slowly coming back to me, slowly. But even in these 3 days I can already feel it coming back faster than I would have expected. That is partially due to the spirit and partially due to the 6+ hours a day in the classroom practicing the language. It is a lot of "butt-time."

My teacher is Brother McCleve from Arizona and he is a cool guy. He has an almost tangible love for the Spanish language and he likes teaching it and is also very patient as we struggle. It feels like I've been here so long but I have to constantly remind myself that it has only been 72 hours. "The days feel like weeks and the weeks like days." That is the saying of all the missionaries who have been here longer than a week.

The MTC is full of teachers. My Branch President, President Tyler is a really awesome guy. He has been a servant of the Lord his whole life and has a story for everything imaginable. He is always telling jokes and sharing from his vast well of spiritual experiences. In the last 3 days I think he has pulled us aside just to tell us stories for at least 4 hours. It always makes things much more rushed but it is so worth it. His stories are priceless. He is always telling us to "doubt not, fear not" and that is such helpful council from the Doctrine and Covenants during this confusing and scary time.

I was called as the District Leader. What a calling. I thought that I had pressure and stress before, now I have to conduct interviews and go to more meetings, write more letters and I also get to be the mailman. I am so thankful for the greater opportunity to serve but as with most other things here, I am on the brink of being overwhelmed. I am having trouble with my own sense of inadequacy and inability to do this and now I am a counselor to others who have the same feelings. I know that the Lord will provide a way for me to do this, but it is still all a challenge.

Ahhh!!! So much to say and so little time. I have seen a few of my friends but seeing Elder Nelson from BYU made me very happy. President Tyler was trying to help me out and told me a story but it didn't have the ending I was expecting so I guess I need to ponder it more. Everything here is so rushed. I hardly have time to do the studying I want and need and I don’t have any time to think. That must be the secret. Lose yourself in the work because if you don’t you will lose the work. If that makes any sense at all. Hahaha. I dunno

When you guys want to write me, Dear Elder comes every day and that way I can know what is going on. Thank you guys for everything and I hope you are all doing well. I love you guys so much.

Elder Anderson.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Write to Elder Sam

For the next 8 weeks you can write to Elder Sam through  He will be at the Provo MTC until about August 29th.  His MTC Box # is 298 and his mission code is NV-LV 0829.  This is a free service.  You do not need to pay anything.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Packing  pants and ties

Supplies for the next two years

Rebekah, Elder Anderson, and Jacob

Max, James, Rebekah, Elder Anderson, and Jacob right before heading to the airport

On the way 

Sam entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center) today, June 27, 2012. Getting there was no easy task. Packing took longer than we planned yesterday, so we got off to the airport much later than we had hoped. In fact, we left for the airport 25 minutes late--giving us only 20 minutes to make the 45 minute trip. He made it to the TSA security line about 25 minutes before take off. It was close but he made it onto the plane, where he promptly fell asleep.

He had a layover in Phoenix, where he waited to board the plane to Salt Lake City. While standing in line, he struck up a conversation with a fellow SLC passenger who clearly knew why he was heading there--a young man with a dark suit, white shirt and short hair is an easy ID. Then he turned around to see another young man in a dark suit, white shirt, and short hair. He was coming from San Antonio and heading to the MTC the next day as well. They exchanged information to find out they were both heading to the Nevada-Las Vegas Spanish speaking mission. They will certainly be in the same group (what they call districts) in the MTC. This means that they will study the language together, exercise together, and learn how to be missionaries together. They may even be assigned to be companions--but we won't know that until we get our first letter from him (which won't come soon enough for us!).

He woke up in his Wilcox grandparents home for his last half day as a civilian. After a few errands, his grandparents dropped him off at the MTC--about an hour early, making up, perhaps, for the late arrival at the airport.

Now we are waiting to hear from him about his first moments at the MTC. Stay tied to this rack for further updates.

Monday, June 25, 2012