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Sunday, February 24, 2013

We're hiking / AHHHHHHHHHh

From February 11, 2013. . .
I'm hiking.
Elder Crespo and I are staying together, I'll email you later.
Love yall!
Sunrise Zone missionaries
It’s 5:30pm and I just sat down.
This sucks... we went hiking and we've been stuck on the mountain cause one of the missionary sisters got kinda hurt....
I’m so sad
Thanks Abby for the letter!!! I was sooo happy to get it, and it was a bomb envelope - everyone was super jealous. I'll write you soon.
Alma 60 and 61 are great chapters. I love the difference in tone.

Monday was a pday. Pretty normal. 

Tuesday was zone training. It was a great, great meeting. We have an awesome zone. It'll be sad to see some of them go now b/c of transfers. This transfer is 5 weeks which is different. Our zone leaders are great missionaries -Elders Dubois and Kerr. We had a really interesting experience at lunch afterwards. Basically Sister Burrup and I had a prompting to go to a random Mexican restaurant that was pretty American and expensive and then when we got there someone paid for us to eat but more importantly we talked with the waitress who was interested in the gospel andddd suuuuper pregnant. She was pretty interested in eternal families. I can write more about this another time. Sorry!!!!

Wednesday was an interesting day. We talked with an old Veteran named Lewis for like 40 minutes which was a good talk. While talking to him we saw a man like minutes after he got mugged at gunpoint. It was nice to be able to help him calm down and get his head straight and call the cops. I stayed with him until the cops came. He peed his pants. I wanted to give him a hugeeee hug and never let go. He looked so sad and shaken up and scared. :( But we cheered him up a lot which is what we are supposed to do! Wednesday night Juan Pablo made us some Italian soup. Omigosh.  Soooo good. Probs the best soup I've ever had. He's a darn good cook. I don’t have time to tell the story how he learned. 2yearsmaybe

Thursday we had breakfast with a member and that was fun. During the day we knocked on a potentials door and he answered in his skivvies and nothing else. He was a big dude.  Then we went to English class. I love teaching English.

Friday was cleaning checks for our apartment. I’ll talk about those later. it didn’t go as bad as I thought. Not that I’m dirty. I’m actually neater than I was at home which is easy I guess haahaha. We had a bunch of lessons fall through which is sad. 

Saturday was a great day, they all are though. Literally. I love every day. I've gotten a lot better at deciding to be happy. Well, I've gotten better at a bunnnnch of different things. Hopefully they are evident when I come home.  Not that I’m thinking about home. Even though it sounds like I am. It’s just that I don’t have time to talk about things now. Jeez I’m a turd. Oh man Saturday was bomb. We were trying to visit a member in Spanish but we knocked on the wrong door and found a super less active woman who was super sick just got diagnosed with leukemia and dementia and she was really sick when she answered. She'd been praying for help and then we showed up!  So we gave her a blessing and she was crying the whole time b/c she was so happy. That made me choke up. This is serious stuff. Missions should be fun but we are changing people’s lives, here and in the eternities. I really truly believe that with all my heart. That is something that I keep in mind all the time. Then we went to move some couches which was good service, there were some hugeeee black widows in them. Then that night we visited some less active families and it went really well!  They were happy to see us which made me happy. 

Sunday we found out that we are not in Morning Sun this transfer.  So sad!  I loved that ward. We had an awesome sacrament meeting in Los Feliz. If your sacrament meetings aren’t awesome, repent. We get to take the sacrament, what a sacred, sacred blessing. That's harsh but I feel strongly about it. We got to pass the sacrament at night church which was cool. I haven’t done that in a while. OOO!!! Then we had the most bomb lesson I've had on my mission. I don’t even know how to describe it. Someone started asking us some questions after we knocked on the door looking for his parents and then he invited us in to talk more and we talked about all his life's greatest questions. The big tough ones, you know that everyone asks. All of them were answered by the Book of Mormon!  He loved it. Lovvvvvedd it. Like he said thank you like 20 times and wanted us to come back today but we are booked tonight so we'll be back tomorrow. Oh man it was dope. I wish I had time to write like 100 pages about how great it was. We taught the restoration and the plan of salvation all just through direct answering of his questions. He is an honest seeker of the truth and it was a pleasure to present him with it and have him understand and grasp it. He said that we were filling holes he's had for a long time, questions he's had since he was a kid we were answering. Oh man. I love being here.
Sorry this letter was so short!
I love you all so much.

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