Well transfer week is nuts here.
I've loved it. Fast paced and lot's of pressure.
Our mission is now very different. It's got seven zones instead of 12 so everything has been changed and that took a lot of coordinating. 
We've been working hard and we had two baptisms last week! A great way to end a great transfer.
Cheeron Harmon was baptized Monday night. 
Ellesse Todd was baptized Saturday night.
Both of them are real converts, they love the Lord and they have testimonies of the Restored gospel. I learn so much from teaching people like them. It's really helped me to grow and learn and become more like the Savior. 
We have so much joy in missionary work. We see a lot of pain but I think that we're protected from the full blow of it. I don't know if that makes sense. Maybe I’m feeling the Savior help me carry my burdens in a way I haven’t noticed before. I know he loves us.
So there's no denying it. I've got six weeks left. I'm going to have to be carried off the plane. I want this to be the best, hardest working, most consecrated, and happiest six weeks of my life.
I love you all so much.