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Monday, March 31, 2014

This email is going to be short

Life is good.
I've only got a few minutes so I'll touch on one or two experiences for each day.

MONDAY! So last Sunday night we talked to a guy on the street for a good while. We pretty much taught him a lesson. Then on Monday we went by to talk to him and it was like he was a different person. He said that when we told him he was a child of God he really felt that. Then earlier that day someone else told him that and he believed it and it was like a light turned on. He said he felt so good. He basically shared his new found testimony and that was a sweet experience. We went to the Mag's. I love them.

TUESDAY! We went out with Rigdon for the last time. We ate 20inch subs. Bad idea. We had dinner a the Marx's house. They had three nonmembers there. It was a great time. Two were young men, and all I could think about was how much good they'd do as missionaries. We taught a family about the BoM. We went to the Jewitt's to say goodbye to Rigdon. I'm going to miss him a ton. 

WEDNESDAY! We saw Severina. She's moving to Washington to live with her other daughter. She is such a good example to me. She's like top three most Christ-like people that I know. She is the epitome of 3 Nephi 12:44. Because she loves God so perfectly, she loves others the same and she can sincerely pray for those that despitefully use her. 

THURSDAY! I did an exchange with Elder Jacobs here in BV. It was a good day, EJ is very humble. We answered some questions at Abby & Oscar's. It was there I realized (even more fully than I have before) how happy I am and how that happiness drives me to want to share with others. Joy is the word. I feel joy. I cried. We talked with a crazy guy who was like trying to touch us and stuff. Drugs are bad. We did splits and had some cool experiences meeting people in Frenchmen Hills that I've never gotten to visit before. 

FRIDAY! We had ZTM. It was good. We talked to a dog breeder. I learned a ton about pit bulls. I had an interview for the RA position. I think I did pretty well. Oh, we had an awesome experience. We were on our way to visit an investigator who is dying from cancer when the thought came to go to her a little later. So we moved to the next name in the plans, a referral, Thomas when the impression came to park and visit a member that we knew lived close by. So we did and before we got out I saw that we'd forgotten the list of where all the less actives lived. So we didn't know the name, or even the exact house number. So we just decided to walk down the street to Thomas' house because it wasn't that far. We'd taken no more than five steps when a car pulls up next to us and a man rolls down the window and asked if we were Mormons. We said that we were and we talked to him for a little bit. The story came out that he'd visited the temple because he was curious and he felt something while he was there and wanted to learn more. That was earlier in the week and he had been wondering how to find someone to talk to about it and we were there at the perfect time. We told him that what he felt was the Holy Ghost. When we asked him if he'd like to feel more he said, “yes” without hesitation. We were following our plans and then the Spirit directed us to be exactly in the right place at the right time. God guides. We had a saaaweet lesson with a father about how as he comes closer to God he can help his children. It was so cool. He's a good dad and as he described his desires for his family we were able to relate it to how God feels about him and he was really touched. The Spirit was really strong. We could tell that we'd been guided there. He is seeking happiness and greater spirituality and he found the missionaries.

SATURDAY! I was on an exchange here in BV with Elder Brinkerhoff. He's awesome, one of my favorite missionaries. I learned a ton from his good example. We visited an old couple that I visited 18 months ago with Elder Taetakua. Then we visited Kat. She and her husband invited us right in. She told us how her and her husband wanted to make their relationship work. We explained our purpose, to help them come to Christ, and the blessings of the gospel. They were 100% glued to us. I'd never had that happen before. Where you could just almost feel the investigator's soul begging to hear more. They might not have even blinked! So we taught them a little bit and then prayed with them and they were both crying. It was such a spiritual experience. Then we talked to some potentials. Then we visited Oscar and Abby with the Bishop. They had been talking about when they wanted to get baptized right before we came and so we set the goal for marriage and baptism on 19April. They said, "That's the perfect day!" It was cool and confirming to me to see how committed they are. They didn't just say yes to being baptized, they wanted it and were preparing for it. The Spirit was so strong and then President Neider called. I didn't want to interrupt so I ignored it. But then he called again and so I had to answer. I stepped out. I had been praying for my next companion to be someone to push me and help me to hone my missionary skills. President thanked me for my service in BV/FH and said that I'd changed the wards for the better. That made me feel good. Then he asked me if I'd take a new special assignment. My heart sank. Every time President asks me that he always gives me an assignment to help a missionary. I love those experiences because they help me to be better, but selfishly I wanted to be the one being pushed and built up. So I said yes, expecting to hear that I was going to get transferred. He said, “Elder Anderson you've done a great job and I'd like to ask you to come to the office to be one of my assistants.” I was so shocked. For so many reasons. Me? I'm not a zone leader! Is there a mistake? I inadvertently made a weird noise cause I was so surprised. He then stopped and asked me if he was speaking to Samuel Anderson. I said he was and then he asked if I'd be willing to sacrifice some proselyting time to take on this new assignment and serve in the office. I said I would. I was pretty much speechless. So many thoughts and emotions. I was happy, sad, excited, scared, honored, humbled and everything else you could think of. We talked for a little bit about the assignment and the things I'd be doing with Elder Sharp this week. It's a lot. I went back inside and I couldn't say anything. Finally after a few minutes I was able to speak. I was on the verge of tears all day Saturday and Sunday. We taught Deshon the first lesson again. That was good but I was so out of it. 

SUNDAY! I bore my testimony in both wards. We visited a ton of families. But the coolest experience was with Kat and Paul. We talked with them about marriage and prayer. At the end of the lesson Paul got down on his knees and we taught him how to pray. He'd never prayed for anything except food in his whole life and that was 50 years ago. He started praying and in my head I was pleading with the Lord to let him feel the Spirit. As he prayed he said that he was grateful for his wife and he wants to be better and then he said, “I know I can't do this without you. I know I can't.” Then he paused and he broke down and said something like, "Oh God, I can't do this without your help, please help me." I peeked and saw as Kat reached out and grabbed his hand and they squeezed each other. They didn't let go until we left. All of us were crying. It was one of the sweetest experiences ever. 

I don't have the time to express my love and gratitude for the Frenchmen Hills and Bonanza View wards. 
I have grown so much over the last seven months and it is in large part because of the love I felt here.  I can't list the people that have influenced me or helped me, but there are many. I am a new, and better man than I was when I came here.

Life is good. What more can I say than that?
I love you all so much.
I don't know if my emails will be long after this. 
But no matter what I'll be happy!

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