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Monday, March 3, 2014

Deer family = herd

It's been a good week.
Mormon Messages are like the most cool.
Not much to report.

MONDAY! We taught a man about the Book of Mormon. It went well. You could tell that he liked it and wanted to learn more but his wife was not interested at all and she like shut him down. We couldn't even pray at the end of the lesson. I've never had anything happen like that before. We planted some good seeds. We prayed with a man right after. He was crying at the end. I don't get it (but I mean I do) why people feel the Spirit and then don’t/won’t do anything about it. They don't keep their appointments or commitments. Maybe it's because they can’t see past the moment. I think that spiritual shortsightedness is super prevalent. I've been guilty of it often. We can fuel the fire, but we can’t start it for them. We went to the Tobler’s and had an FHE with Melissa. She asked a ton of random questions. It was good that she's getting her questions answered, but I feel there is more to her concerns than obscure doctrinal doubts. It seems to me she is scared of what other people will think of her. It's sad that it is holding her back. Fear. It's debilitating. Then we went and taught Robert another new member lesson. It was such juxtaposition, someone who is in a rut and someone who is taking great spiritual strides each day. He bore his testimony of the influence of the Holy Ghost. It was touching to listen to. He's a great man and a good example to me. 

TUESDAY! We started the day off with a doctor’s appointment in Henderson for EW. While there, Sister Martinez called and asked us if we could give her a blessing. I was so happy to. It's nice when you get a chance to serve someone you respect so much. I was super happy to help her. I guess I'd be a much more faithful servant if I loved and respected everyone that much. Hmm. I guess I should probably work on that hahaha. Not saying I don’t like serving others, I love to. But I am especially happy to help someone who does so much for others and does it so selflessly. We did comp study with Rigdon. We had a lesson with Nick and talked to him about church. He wants to come but he can’t leave the mother-in-law there by herself for that long. It's a super complex situation. We read Moroni: 6 with him and he loved it. We saw an inactive sister. That was interesting. She told us her conversion story. She went to Gladys Knight thing ten years ago and then he took the lessons for six or so weeks. She never prayed about the Book of Mormon or baptism or Joseph Smith or anything. Her missionary went inactive right after coming home. She got sick a little while later and while in her bed she started reading anti-Mormon material and then ended up being atheist. After years she has regained her faith in God but still doesn’t believe in Jesus or anything else. It was sad. She said that she wants to come back but she just doesn’t believe in anything anymore. We saw Tyrone. He's doing well but he hasn’t been coming to church recently. It's tough. No one has really fellowshipped him and his wife has cancer so he doesn’t have too much support. We saw Sassidy and Marcus. Sassy is freaking out because her daughter, Promise, is going to have surgery next week and she said that her worry is consuming her life. She can’t do anything but sit and worry. We tried to help her and give her hope but it didn’t really work. She just got frustrated at her boyfriend for not expressing as much worry as she does. Then we saw the S's. They fed us and it was awesome. Usually the disobedience of parents affects the children but in their case the crazy life their children lead has left them with a bunch of grandkids to watch that drains them of like all their life. It's keeping them from coming to church and keeping Sister S. from getting baptized. 

WEDNESDAY! We had a good DM this morning. We talked about creating an environment where the Spirit can bear witness through testimony. It's an interesting phrase that is mentioned two times in PMG [Preach My Gospel]. We discussed and practiced it. We ate a ton of pizza on Wednesday. Everywhere we went people gave us pizza. It was kinda gross haha. We talked to a guy on the street about prophets. It was cool. He was getting kinda frustrated and said, "WHY ISNT THERE A PROPHET TODAY???" Boom! We taught him about how there is one. We visited some old people in the wards. We played basketball with one of our investigators. All our lessons cancelled that night. All these people cancelling have been a huge lesson in my patience. We started an exchange that night with Desert Sage.

THURSDAY! We visited an old member in the morning and he tried to set us up with his daughter who is currently serving a mission. He kept saying things like, "She's cute!" "She has a great testimony." "Would you like to meet her?" "Would you like to be on her email list?" "She might like to hear that story too!" trying to get us to start emailing her or something, it was kinda weird. We had a lesson with Toni. She's doing well. We saw Barbara who has cancer. She found out this week that the chemo hasn’t been doing as much as they’d hoped and so now they're going to do radiation as well. She's still so positive. Her doctor told her that she should get her affairs in order in case she doesn’t make it through the treatments. It was a good day with Elder Mederios. He's a very humble missionary. It's a pleasure to serve around him and with him.

FRIDAY! We had eight appointments cancel today. We saw some huge dogs. Like HUGE dogs. Sorry I don’t have any pictures. Brother Odulio taught us about the Atonement. We started an exchange with the ZLs so I was with Elder Smith in his area. 

SATURDAY! We taught a young boy who has zero interest in the gospel and really just wanted us there to show us his parkour. He was pretty dece for a 12 year old. We taught a lesson to a family where the only son is dying of cancer, like bedridden. The Spirit was so strong in there. You could feel that God is right there sustaining and supporting this family because of their faith. In some cases when people will turn to God, as they have turned to him, they've found relief. 

SUNDAY! Jessie decided to get baptized! He's finally committed and so in two weeks we should have four baptisms, two different sets of brothers. It's pretty cool. I'm excited for that. Deshon and his family didn’t come to church. :( that was sad, but we had some good lessons on Sunday. Not too much super exciting though.

Sorry for the crappy email
Sparknotes: I'm happy, I'm being purified. Elder Wendt is awesome. We have a ton of fun.
Life is good.
I love you all so much!

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