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Monday, July 22, 2013


Last week? 11 ltms [lessons taught with members]?
This week? 18 ltms!
We taught 23 lessons this week. I was ecstatic. This is how it’s supposed to be. Finding, teaching, (and then this transfer) baptizing.
Life is so good.
I'll try to explain some questions y’all might have.
The A Family's baptism has been delayed because their kids are still in Mexico. But as soon as they get back, the family will be getting baptized!
Amelia and Leo are gonna get baptized soon. They just need to make enough money to pay for the wedding dues.
So that's that.

Transfer doctrine.
Elder Anderson: aqui [here].
Elder Ledezma: aqui.
Elder Reiley: in Mexico! He left like an hour ago. :( It was really sad. I almost cried. He's a good elder and he's gonna do great things.
Okay. I don't have too much time so here's the week!

MONDAY! It was a pretty normal day. We found out that Elder Reiley might be leaving soon but we didn't know when. It was too bad. At night we taught a few lessons. Not much to report.

TUESDAY! In the morning we went with a few members to eat pupusas [a traditional Salvadoran dish, thick corn tortillas that are stuffed with cheese, beans and/or pork]. They were super good. We also had agua de ensalada [water salad], sounds gross but it is sooo good. We had a good time talking with the members and trying the new foods. Afterwards we had a lesson with a new investigator named Percy. He was a nonmember referral actually. So that was pretty neat. He was super interested. Some highlights of the lesson: “I love talking to you intelligent, educated guys. Come back soon!” that was in the middle of the lesson. Then he said, “We are going to keep meeting until you all become Catholic, or I become a Mormon” and then he said, “I'll read this book. I believe what you say. I want to know if it’s true.” That was a cool lesson. He was super open and ready to ask God about the things we taught him. That night while we were street contacting we talked to this really nice woman until she found out we were Mormon (we talked for like 10 minutes). Then she turned from nice to mean super fast, said we were a scam and that she didn't want anything to do with us. We taught Amelia and Leo that night and Presidente Rincon came with us (our branch prez) it was a really hard day for both of them and Presidente was perfect. We gave a really powerful blessing to Leo. It helped him a lot.

WEDNESDAY! Quote from the journal “they are all such good days.” We taught Gissel (the daughter of Ameila) a lesson about the LDM [Book of Mormon]. It was a good one. She said that she was gonna read and pray that night. She gave us some sandwiches (more on that later). We went over to a less active member's house to teach them a lesson. He started the lesson by asking, “Where is the archaeological evidence of the Book of Mormon?” In my head I was just like uggggh no.... but it was good. We talked about his questions and where they came from and about a few museums and stuff. We told him that the most important evidence was the witness from the Spirit that it is true. He said, “yeah, I know - the evidence doesn’t matter, I was just curious. The only thing that matters is following Jesus.” That was cool to hear. Later, we went to dinner. By this time I was feeling a little sick. We sat and the member fed us sooooo much food. We walked out to go home and I was like “elders we gotta move because I gotta go.” I opened the door and knew that there was no way I was going to make it home, so I booked it back to the house. Another quote from the journal, “I DESTROYED HER BAÑO! A DEMON WAS LET LOOSE.” I did. It was bad.  Those sandwiches were worse than the stuff I drank in the MTC. Fast forward to later in the evening. Gissel tried to drop us but it turned into a really powerful lesson and she committed to be baptized. The Spirit was super strong. We would say stuff and ask questions and she would look at us and say, “That makes sense. Okay, okay.” It was cool to watch her completely turn around. She had a doubt about 1 Nephi 4. We testified a lot and she felt the Spirit and she said, “I don’t understand it all, but I know I don’t need to.” That was cool.

THURSDAY! District meeting was pretty powerful. I was feeling really sick but the Spirit did all the work. It was about working with members. The night before we had committed Gissel to read and pray. We went and followed up and she said that she was feeling stressed and sad and she prayed for peace and she felt a calmness come over her. That was pretty cool. She also prayed for the strength to move on from her father's death and she said that she felt like she could. She opened up and shared a lot of really personal things with us. She said she wants to be baptized to wash away all the bad things she's done.
WE HAD SUCH A GOOD LESSON WITH THE As! IT WAS SO AWESOME. They shared spiritual experiences with fasting, (They wanted to fast to get a firm answer from God that this is the path He wants them on. As they got together and said a prayer, in just stating why they were going to fast, all their doubts were answered and they felt the Spirit testify that they were doing the right thing. Brother A said from that moment that he knew. He had no doubts.) prayer, and the atonement, (Brother A didn't feel like he could keep going. He was tired and sad at work and he didn't want to keep going and he didn't want to come to the lesson because he was too tired. So he decided to say a prayer and it completely changed his day. As he put it, “My tiredness was taken from my and in its place I felt happy.” he knew that it was God who gave him the strength he couldn’t find himself.) and with revelation (That day he was thinking about questions to ask us. That day we prayed to know what to teach. We answered all his questions before he even asked them. That was super cool.).  They know the church is true. They said, “As soon as our kids get back we are going to get baptized.” SICKKKKK.

FRIDAY! Today rocked. In the am we dropped Elder Reiley off at the mission office to go to the consulate to get his visa. Elder Ledezma and I  taught an amazing lesson. We taught this family a lesson like 6 weeks ago and ever since then they have been reading and studying and learning everything they can. They told us about all the “coincidences” they have been seeing since the lesson. We were going to tell them that they aren’t coincidences but after they finished telling us like 5 experiences the man said, “You know what? I don’t think those are coincidences. God is telling us what He wants us to do.” They got super excited as they started to feel and recognize that God has been preparing them to accept the gospel.  We taught a few more lessons.  That night we got back with Elder Reiley and we were street contacting and we talked to a self proclaimed baby Christian. She was so happy. She was beaming as she told us about her decision to follow Jesus Christ. It was cool. It brought her so much happiness. She wasn't ready to increase it but it was still cool to talk with her. Her husband was super hard and tried to bash with us like at every turn and things we said. He wasn’t happy. He was kind of a Grinch and he was drunk. Elder Reiley and I were walking and trying to find new people and it started to MONSOON! Dry to drenched in a matter of moments. Trees blown over, streets flooded. “Horses and a guy on fire” - name that movie. Then we had a good lesson with Amelia and Leo.

SATURDAY! Sweeeeet day. This morning we taught Percy and brought a family from Peru to his house. (Percy is from Peru.) and they turned out to be friends already! They hugged and everything. That was pretty cool. So we had a bomb lesson with him and he said to Elder Reiley, “By the time you get back from Mexico, I’ll probably be baptized.”  We hadn’t even invited him yet. So that was pretty cool. We went right after to teach Amelia and Leo and instead the lesson was focused on Amelia’s son who got baptized a few years ago. He’s an atheist now, but Amelia and Leo and Gissel (3 investigators) just testified to him and it was so strong. Gissel, who used to be opposed like 2 weeks ago, said, “Kiwi (his nickname) you need to open your heart and want to know if He is there. You can’t be closed and get an answer. It won’t come all at once but you will get there. You will feel Him.” That was incredible.

SUNDAY! Elder Reiley and I taught Gospel Principles. It was pretty good. It’s way different than teaching the missionary lessons. We had a great lesson with Martha. She wants to be baptized and she’s going to do it in October when her family is coming to visit her. She was getting excited. She also gave Elder Reiley a hug, his face when she did was priceless. It was super cute. She’s like a grandma. He promised that he'd bring his kids to come see her and she almost started crying. It was adorable. Then we went to a lesson with Amelia and Leo. Leo finished reading the LDM and said, “I'm going to start over and read it again because I know that it’s one of those books that you have to read again and again and you always will get something new out of it.” It almost brought tears to my eyes. Then he also said things like, “1st marriage, then baptism, then sealing, then celestial kingdom”…. then “as long as I live a good life, and am clean from my sins, I can die happy because I know what’s going to happen after”… and then finally “Now I fully trust my Father in Heaven. I’m ready to be baptized.” It was so wonderful. Their fam made Elder Reiley a banner that was super cute. Amelia gave Elder Reiley the biggest hug ever. It was even funnier than Martha bc she wouldn’t let go.

Okay that’s all the time I have, it’s been such a good week.
I love you all so much. :)

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