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Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear Everyone!
This was a great week. It's such a blessing to be a missionary. Life is wonderful.
I'll have to fill in all the blanks later.

Monday was awesome. We had a miracle lesson with a new couple of investigators. They asked great questions.

TUESDAY! I traded the fabulous Elder Johnson for the incredible Elder Ledezma! Elder Ledema is from Chihuahua Mexico. He's a stud. He's been in the mission for 16 months and has a great attitude. He's always smiling, always joking. Super funny, super awesome. He's a really good guy and he loves to draw. He's so good at it too. WE HAD THE SICKEST LESSON WITH THE A FAMILY!!!! AHHH! So we planned on talking about the Plan of Salvation. We had a dope lesson planned but before we could start Sister A said she wanted to tell us about an experience. She said that one day she was feeling really sad, depressed and didn't know what to do. So she decided to go and watch TV but a voice told her to "go read the Book of Mormon." She ignored it for a moment but then went and did so. As she began to read she said that all her bad feelings were washed away and she felt peace. Then she prayed and felt super happy. She got emotional telling us. Then Brother A said, "Yeah she told me, and I was like yeah right.  I'm sure there's a logical explanation." But he decided to read and pray too.  He said that once he really started reading and pondering he felt something. He said it felt like a fire in his chest. He said he tried to find a logical explanation for it by continuing to read. It didn't go away. He tried to read other books and he didn't feel the same thing. He told us no matter what happens after if anyone asks him about the Book of Mormon he will say, I read it and I felt something the first time. It was suppppper awesome. Read, Ponder, and Pray and you'll feel it. That's a promise from God. 

WEDNESDAY! I picked up Elder Reiley, - he's a spiritual beast. 

Thursday we had awesome trainings.

Friday planning and a lesson with Martha when she said she for sure wants to get baptized.

Sorry. No more time.
Awesome week.
I love you all so much.

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