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Thursday, August 30, 2012


This is gonna be a crazy letter, sorry. As you can probably tell... it's Monday which is not the regular day for writing.
So do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Okay, I'll begin with the good news then!
I have to stay in the MTC for 2 more weeks. 2. More. Weeks!

The bad news?
I have to stay in the MTC for 2 more weeks. 2. More. Weeks!

So that's the news. It's only good news because I'm trying not to lose my mind and by telling other people that it is bittersweet, maybe one day I will be able to actually believe it.
The other bad news? I have to get a colonoscopy on Thursday. Which means starting Tuesday night I'm on a liquids only diet and then starting Wednesday at 3 it's a laxatives only diet. I'm not too excited about it. This is all becasue they are not sure what the spots are and not sure why I have all the pain or the tenderness. Dr. Brown is a nice guy but he isn't the best at breaking the bad news.

The other kind of good news?
You all can write me still, and it's free! and by this I mean please, please write me!
Hahahaha. Just serious.
This means that I have to join a new district and get a new companion as well. Which is not a huge deal but it will be a large adjustment for me, and my new companion. I'm up for quite a new adventure I think. It will be interesting. One bonus is I requested to be with a missionary that is struggling and in a trio so it can just be he and I for the two weeks and I hope to be able to help him get better at the spanish and the teaching and as well to be more confident.

This has all been really hard because when the doctor told me that he was delaying me and signing me up for a colonoscopy I wanted to so bad say that I was fine and wasn't in any pain at all. It was so tempting so I could just get out and start. It's been hard to convince myself that this is all for the best. I'm still trying but it might take a little while to start believing it. I don't know what else to write. So much has happened since my last email, but I am quite a large bit depressed that I won't be in the field Wednesday.

Connor! Thank you so much for the letter. I loved it. Like a whole bunch. Today has been a hard, depressing and scary day and your letter was a real help. Thank you. A lot. Write me again soon and give me your address so I can write you back!
Grandma thank you also for the letter I hope I can find that list when I come home and start reading them. Cultural influence is one of my favorite things.
Dad, your letter helped today too. You got most of the references but I think there were a few you missed. Some of them are pretty shameless, but you missed them anyway.

We dropped Elder Noyes off this morning and it was actually way harder than I thought it would be. Nine weeks of constant contact really builds a pretty tight bond but he was excited to go and I'm really excited for him to be out in South Carolina.

Okay I kinda of lied. There wasn't any real good news this week. I was so ready to get out of here and staying here longer was hard to hear.
I'll write more on Friday. I just wanted to say that I have to stay longer and that more letters like Connors would be muchly apprectiated!
I might have a few funny stories of the colonoscopy but hopefully I won't remember it.
So that's pretty much all.
Hakuna Mattata.

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