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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I don’t know who you can forward this too.. and I don’t remember anyone’s emails

You know things are boring when the biggest thing to write about is something that hasn’t happened yet. Elders Noyes and Harvey and Sister Isham got their travel plans today. I unfortunately did not :(. But I’m praying they will come. I can understand why now ex-elder Johannson didn't write very long letters. There isn’t too much to talk about. The days are all about the same. Not too much different happens each day. I feel bad that I don’t have great stories of miracles or great jokes or things like that. So I guess the most exciting thing is that I might get out of here. Still not sure because I don’t have plans yet. That might mean I’m taking a bus ride to Vegas....

I saw Elder Safsten on Sunday night which was pretty cool. He said he was looking for me which made me feel really happy. He seems to be absolutely loving it here. I also had a nice long chat with Elder Mayo on Tuesday which was nice. Elder Noyes and the Hermanas were at choir and Elder Harvey and I talked with Elder Mayo and his companion for a while. It was good to have more time than just a rushed hello, or how are you. Elder Mayo seems to be loving the language. He always shares some cool thing he learned or a great word or phrase. It always reexcits me about Spanish, even though I love Spanish.

Speaking of Spanish, I really do love Spanish. I honestly have no idea who reads these letters but Elizabeth would be proud of my Spanish growth since senior year. According to Hermano McCleve I am fluent and can teach; now I need to be focusing on the role of Spanish in my future. That warmed my heart up a lot. He says I've got all the grammar down I just need to learn the phrases to speak faster and then start expanding my knowledge. That was good to hear. Since about Sunday, Elder Harvey and I have been speaking almost all Spanish. In fact we spent two hours straight singing in Spanish to the tune of some hymn. We didn’t stop. The lyrics were about everything. Cats, the future subjunctive, we even sung a few psalms, and from the Spanish missionary handbook. It was good practice but we were both pretty hoarse afterwards because we were belting it.

Before I forget! Thanks to the primary for the adorable picture and card. It made me smile.
Sunday night I watched "Mountain of the Lord." I'd never seen it before and as most of you know Mormon movies were never a big part of my life, except “The Work and the Glory.”  I used to like that one a lot. But anyway, I watched that and I really liked it. I try to not get sucked into the propaganda if that makes any sense. Writing that sounds bad. I liked the movie a lot and it was really interesting. Although I would like to read the journals and stuff of Wilford Woodrufff, that’s crazy how meticulous he was about record keeping. Maybe if I was better my letters would be interesting.. But over all we've been watching a bunch of movies Sunday night and I’ve liked them all a lot. They are good stories and the church people have good directors and stuff. Although Elder Noyes really hates whenever there is kissing. It kind of reminds me of the little boy from Princess Bride. He says stuff like him all the time during movies. I swear he almost lost it during the Testaments.

Before I forget this to, Grandma Anderson I don’t mean to stress you out anymore than technology already does but whenever I get your letters half of the words are only one letter if that makes any sense. I get like three Dear Elders from you because in the middle of a sentence and often a word the line ends and there is just one word on the next line and then a bunch of letters going down the side of the page. I dunno why it happens but it’s kinda weird.

Okay I have kind of a cool story for you guys. I hope it’s as interesting to you all as it was to me. And I promise it’s not a singing cookies joke or anything like that. On Tuesdays we have some personal time to write letters or take a nap or do things like that. To maximize that time we get up before 6:30 to do our service projects and then we get to have an hourish nap (which is amazing) and then we have time to do other things and then study before gym and lunch. On Tuesday during the nap I had the weirdest dream (at the MTC. I've had some pretty weird dreams in my time).  The MTC got invaded. I don’t know by who but overnight the place turned into a war zone. The church flew in with these giant helicopters and dropped of giant steel reinforced bunker trailer things everywhere. Some were full of weapons, others food, and others like medical supplies and that kind of stuff. The trifecto got a letter from the 1st presidency reassigning us to the "Special Ops Mission" and we had to like be the behind enemy lines guys. So we like snuck into this giant underground tunnel and had to like blow up this caravan of bad guy trucks. I think part of the inspiration for all this was the scene in 'The A-team.' We were stowed away on the last one and had to plant charges on all of the trucks. In the dark tunnel we would jump from truck to truck placing explosives and pouring gasoline over all the moving vehicles. We got all of the trucks and snuck back to the last one. Then we tried to detonate them but it wouldn’t work. Our detonator thingy was broken. So then we tried to throw these grenade things to set off the charges but that didn’t work. None of the grenades blew up. We were all getting frustrated when suddenly Elder Noyes grabs the last grenade and pulls the pin and stuffs it in his shirt and run and jumps onto the next truck. Elder Harvey and I were whisper screaming at him to get back here and that he was going to kill himself. Suddenly the charges blew up and we couldn’t see Elder Noyes anymore. It turns out they weren’t grenades but they were like smoke signal things so it was super smoky. Somehow Elder Harvey and I survived and made it out of the tunnel. We found Elder Noyes alive but dazed because he inhaled so much of the smoke. There was fire everywhere but somehow we saved the day. Then the next day President Brown showed up at the residence to give us our medals for saving the day. He also said that we could have whatever was in his power to do. So Elder Harvey wished that his girlfriend, Kristen, could be his companion for his whole mission. I forgot what Elder Noyes and I asked for. Then I woke up. When I shared my dream , Elder Harvey and Noyes both were looking at me funny. Elder Noyes had had a dream that he was on fire and couldn’t see anything and was really scared and Elder Harvey, get this, had a dream that he and Kristen were companions! Itwas crazy! I think it must be the food or something. Or maybe me not being human I just exude some crazy dream aura. Whatever it was, that was a cool experience.

Sorry these letters have been lame. I really want to have more interesting things to say. My letter in two weeks should be a good one. I'll have lots more to say than just about dreams and movies.
Anyway... thanks everyone so much for the letters again. If you have more questions/questions at all I love answering questions.

That's pretty much it for this week. I miss and love you all!
so... yeah.
I'm thinking about all of you!
Have a great weekend for me!
Elder Anderson

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