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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mi Semana!

Life is good. 
Robert got baptized. Pics soon. It was really special. I’m so grate so grateful to have been able to teach and work with him. He is such a prepared person.

MONDAY! Robert prayed and it was so touching and so powerful. He got on his knees and thanked God for the chance to learn about the gospel and be baptized. He was on the verge of tears as he expressed to God the changes he'd felt in himself. I was so blown away. It made me pretty emotional. That night the Mag's bore such powerful testimony of the law of tithing. It'd been a struggle for them and as they overcame it they'd seen the blessings poured out upon them.

TUESDAY! We visited a former and he like mocked us on his doorstep and wouldn’t listen to our explanations. What he said in essence was, "With all due respect, I think you're liars, so I don't respect you." He was contentious and mean. But it was comforting to know that all his questions and doubts had answers, he just wouldn't listen to them. He'd made up his mind before he even opened his mouth. I feel comfortable and confident with things that used to be issues for me, blessings of prayer and scripture study. We saw Stephanie that night for maybe the last time :(. She's moving. She also said after coming to church she's changed her mind about baptism. So the elders by her house should be happy!

WEDNESDAY! We had a long day of rejection. We had a few people let us in and we prayed with and talked with them. Nothing too super exciting. We taught a spiritual thought in mutual. It was dece. We taught Parole again. He's a great guy, but he might not have the willpower necessary right now to change his situation. I love the guy, but he's fighting a lot of demons. But he's committed. We talked to a lot of cool people on the street. We felt impressed to talk to these two young punk looking teenagers. We did, and as we were explaining the Book of Mormon, you could tell that they felt the Spirit because both of them became interested and wanted one and asked for the missionaries to come by and explain more about it! There's power in the Book of Mormon.

THURSRDAY! Interviews with President Neider. He's the man. I'm so grateful for his wisdom. We visited a lot of less active in FH to help the bishop. It's crazy to see how many less actives there are in the wards. Like out of 150 households only 40 are active. It's crazy! We stopped in at the church for a moment to talk with Sister Martinez and we got wrapped up in the Relief Society party. It's nice to feel loved. It makes me happy to feel how many people love us. I think I talk about this every week, but when you feel overwhelmed with love, it's hard not to talk about! We went and read Moroni 10 with Robert at the Mag's. I’m so grateful that we've developed such a close relationship with them. They've changed my life forever just by their good examples. 

FRIDAY! We did weekly planning. Had coordination. Had like 5 appointments flake out on us, but we don’t let it get to us! 

SATURDAY! Everything fell through as well, but Robert's interview went well, and we did service for Sis. Thibodeau and she gave us a lot of life counsel. We had dinner with the Donnelly's and ate avocado ice cream. I liked it.

SUNDAY! Church was good. I got a shout out from the pulpit in BV by name. A member bragged about me to the members of the ward and told them to give referrals to us. That made me feel better than I have in a long time. A little embarrassed, but who doesn't like extremely public and extremely nice compliments? We had lunch with the Mags and Roberts’ family. That was nice. Then the baptism.
Elder Smith, Elder Anderson, Robert, and Elder Slik
Robert's baptism
Elder Slik came :) I was super happy to see him. President and Sister Neider came too! So that was good. Robert was crying and that was special to see a intellectual grown man feel the Spirit and the importance of "his big day," as he called it, and cry. I love that man. Then we blessed a woman's home who felt the Spirit really strong and we set up a lesson for tomorrow! So we hope it goes through. She's looking for a church, and we don't have any solid investigators.... Let’s pray it's not too good to be true!
Life is wonderful. Missions are forever.
I love you all so much.

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