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Monday, May 20, 2013

Life, the universe, and everything

Just a random pic of my desk wall
Hey guys!
Time is short again. I'm super sorry if this letter is not so great. I'll pack it full of all the important stuff. 
I learn so often that when missionaries are working hard, they are happy. But it’s important for them to keep themselves happy of their own accord otherwise they can’t work as hard. It can be a viscous cycle for those who don’t take control of it.
This Church is true. Read the Book of Mormon to find out.

Monday! I got a haircut which was good because it was getting pretty long. We had a lesson with an investigator today that was really hard for me. She says to us that she's as happy as she can be and she doesn’t need to make any changes. Oh that’s tough to hear especially when she's suffering because most of her family has died in the last week. I think she just says that, but doesn’t really believe it. 

Tuesday! I went on exchanges with the fabulous Elder Sullivan which was a great experience. He's so great. This is his 3rd transfer out in the field and he has a fiery attitude and is not afraid to be bold with anyone and everyone. It was really fun and we talked with and met with a lot of really cool people. One of them was a man who had recently just got out of prison after being in for 25 years. He went in young and came out ancient. He was talking about how it’s hard to adapt to a society different than the one he grew up in. Keep the commandments. It will save you a lot of heartache and trouble later. We talked to a lot of other cool people. That night we had a very powerful lesson about The Book of Mormon with one of those elder’s solid investigators. It was a discussion with her fellowshipping family. She’s a younger woman and she wants to be baptized and it was bomb. I think she came away with firmer faith in Christ and a stronger resolve to read and study and learn. The Book of Mormon has helped her get to where she is and its going to help her take the last steps to prepare her for covenant keeping. It was a cool opportunity to do a little one on one training and it went well.

Wednesday! We had another lesson with the same investigator from Monday and we explained that we are here to help those who want to follow the example of Jesus Christ and if she's not willing to do so, we can’t continue to meet with her. We said it less rude than that though. It was bold and she felt it. She said she'd start reading and praying. Then two other lessons flaked and an investigator switched to English which was pretty hard on EJ. But it’s all good. We found some cool people we talked to as well; one who asked us a lot of questions, not to question but to learn. That was cool. I love the people that come to us because they want to improve their lives and follow Christ. Then we visited some more members.

Thursday! I got to give my first formal training as district leader which went well. I was kind of rushed because I didn't allot my time properly but it was good and people said they liked it and learned. It was about the PMG principle of We Invite - They Commit - We Follow Up. Then we did service for a less active and we visited members. Then we had a good lesson there too. 

Friday! We planned. We did lots of service. NO lessons. We visited members

Saturday! We did service. We drove two hours to give a kid a blessing. Still in the branch... that was crazy. 

Sunday! Great day.  Awesome church. Visited members. Taught a good lesson to our most solid investigator, Carolina. She's awesome. She told us how she was bragging to her coworkers about getting baptized. Earlier in the week she texted us and told us that she read and prayed and felt the spirit. It was a sick experience.

Life is good.
I love you all so much.
Belated picture of Sam's birthday cake. He writes about it, "This is what my cake looked like.  I love Elder Crespo.  That's Elder Beers eating it and Elder Alvarez holding it."

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