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Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey so first things first. I've got noooo time.
2nd, 2nd. Let the rugby guys know that playing in the mud is a strong point. We at TU [Troy United] have always prided ourselves in not being afraid to get dirty and using it as an asset when we play pretty boy teams. I'm proud of all the good they're doing and I love hearing about their successes. Stay low. Play hard. Hit harder. Ruck. And smile. And stay in a flat line on defense. I wish I could be there with you guys. Two years and I will be. 

Sorry if my last email was overbearing. It just makes me sad to see missionaries out here who want to be somewhere else or aren't emotionally prepared for serving with their whole heart, mind, and strength.

OKay! This week! A great one! AHHH!!!oglogaob Monday was awesome. We did our pday stuff. We had to run a lot of errands but, it’s okay because we were helping people. We helped our new neighbors move in. They were cool. They invited over for dinner soon. I'm pumped. At the Schwenke's this week they shared how they got to the temple and it was a powerful story. God loves us. He answers prayers. He wants to bless us. We just have to learn how to receive the blessings.

Tuesday was a good day. We biked for most of the day. It was warm, but cloudy so it was like perfect weather. We got to talk to a few people and met some prepared people who asked us questions about the marathon bombing and things. The Book of Mormon answers the questions that we all have and if it doesn't, it's the starting point. We were able to give out a few pretty good referrals. It’s hard because the Hispanics that live in our area work for most of the day so we can really only work through member referrals. 

Wednesday was district meeting. I liked it. I learned new ways to help the members do missionary work. I love the scriptures too. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It’s great to share the things that mean everything to me with all those around us. We went to this restaurant called Aranda's (that we usually do) and the woman gave us all free drinks because we go so often. It’s darn good Mexican food. We had ward coordination that went really well. Members of the ward council were there and we were able to discuss and make assignments to help get things done. Counseling and communication are so important. Later we had a meeting with the bishop that was super good. We talked about the people we are working with and he gave us his vision. Bomb. 

Thursday. Elder Guzman was sick in the morning. We visited a few members in the afternoon. Then we went to English class, so bomb. Someone told me that the world needs more conservative professors like me. I didn't think I was conservative, but it made me feel good. 

Friday was planning. We helped the other elders with some service too. We drove Elder Burl (Gunnell) and Elder Meyers and weeded for a bit. This woman has like a zoo, peacocks and hens and chickens and ponies and donkies and dogs and lizards and a llama. We went to see Juan Pablo and had a great lesson with him. He is awesome and he has a great family. I love spending time with them. I just wish he would devote himself to changing. 

Saturday was great too! Elder Alvarez went to a baptism in Arizona so Elder Slik 3 packed with us for the day. So fun. He's awesome. I want to be more like him. I hope I get to be companions with him one day. We had a good day working in both areas. We got to talk to some very prepared people on the street and teach a few lessons to their investigators. I love teaching. I love helping to guide people to know that the church is true and to help them receive peace and happiness. 

Sunday was good. We went to a fireside. I saw lots of other missionaries. I love missionaries. Life is good. We taught a lesson about the plan of salvation to our ward mission leader that night. He's such an example to me. His daughter said something really interesting and cool. God is never mean. And it’s true, He's not. But sometimes we are mean to ourselves. If we lived how He wanted us to, we wouldn’t be sad!
kk that's it.

One of these day's I'll write you all and show you all the love you deserve. Thanks for your support. :) <3
I love you all so much!

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