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Monday, March 4, 2013


Hellllllooooo errrbody!
Thanks for all the letters! They make me so happy. I think grandma wins the award for most devoted grandmother ever!
Hmmm we don’t have too much time today. The schedule of everything was pretty bad.
Maybe that's a good thing because it's been a slow week. Slow in numbers but great in every other sense of the word. Like if you are familiar with key indicators, we had all zeros this week except for 1 person at church. We count numbers a little different here in this mission but idk.
I want all of you to know that I love life. A lot. It's the best. You wonderful people help inspire a lot of that love for living. The other thing that is cool is the restoration. It's a wonderful blessing to be a witness of the restoration. If you don’t know what that means or why it's exciting I suggest you talk to my two friends.... NO but seriously. As conference comes up, think about when Elder Cook or Holland or President Monson starts talking. Those are apostles and prophets of the Lord Jesus Christ. HPAOGB:AGHAOGBvlacnescn Etl~!!!!! sick!
It's pretty great stuff. Be familiar with the restoration please, all of you who reap the benefits of it. This means you.
Soooo this week!

CONGRATS KATE ON GETTING INTO BYU I'm so proud of you! It'll be sick to be able to go to school together. It's tough to get into and you deserve it.

Monday was a good day. Well they are all good days. We ate with the Schwenke family and tried to find people. We've been trying so hard to find people to teach. This week we dropped the rest of our teaching pool.  So we've spent the week trying to talk to people and contact referrals and potential and former investigators. We weren't too successful in finding people. I can explain all of this a little better in 2 years.

Tuesday. We spent the whole day trying to find people. No one was interested. It was really hard for Elder Crespo, but we keep on keepin on! as the Mayo’s say. Tuesday we had a super interesting street contact with a homeless guy. It made me reflect really hard on life, his life, drugs, well like everything. It was sad and scary. The guy's name was Sean Zenos Relic Legion, or at least that's what he thinks it is. The conversation started with him telling us about the books he was writing. We told us how he was writing 13 books at once and how each one was 1,000 pages long and that it would become the history of the universe. Then he told us about the virtual reality he was creating alongside the books. Then he told us that he was creating a new society because the one we have now isn't ready for the technology he is going to release. Then he told us that he has almost finished creating his infinite energy source that will allow him to be the leader of this society and that he is the chosen one because Anubis has been directing him on how to defeat death in the world. It was crazy. I can’t explain it properly. But basically we talked to a crazy homeless guy. While he was talking I thought of so many gospel principles that if he knew, he would be happier. It's hard to explain. But he talked about defeating death and pain and sickness... and he talked about a society where money is not the reason for participation, he talked about communication with deity, he talked giving hope to the people. He talked about so many other things that a knowledge of the restoration would have comforted him. AHHHH but he wouldn't listen. It's sad. But happy that I know, and I can help those who will listen to be happy too.

Wednesday was similar but we had district meeting. Wednesday night we visited this one member family and he showed us what he was working on. He is building a fire place for one of the guys that owns a few of the casinos. It was so interesting to see the juxtaposition of it all. He showed us some pictures. Strong young Mexican working man with this ancient white guy in a wheelchair. The member was dressed in working clothes and the owner was dressed in this crazy nice suit. The member’s house was tiny and dirty and humble. The casino guy has gold wallpaper. Like wallpaper but it’s not paper, its gold. He told us stories about being inside the man's house and stuff. On the way back through the members house I took note that the art on the wall was actually just puzzles of famous artwork glued together... This is a city of black and white. We also taught English class. Super great. I love helping people learn English.

On Thursday in an effort or just find people to talk to and someone to teach EC and I finished studies and started walking. And we walked all day until 5pm. We talked to 3 people. We got rejected and ignored by ... a lot. The first accepted our invitation to take the lessons again and come back to church. The second talked with us but when we tried to gauge his interest he let us know that he wasn't interested. The 3rd was a less active woman who we talked to. I love bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon. After we talked about the BofM she accepted the invitation to come back this(last) Sunday and fast with us to know if the Church was true. She accepted. It was pretty bomb. We were able to answer so many of her questions just by reading scriptures from that book. If the Book of Mormon is true, what else matters?

Friday was the first day of March! We drove all around all morning to try to get our car looked at. I got to talk to the guy running for mayor of Henderson for an hour or two. That was cool. He's an interesting guy with lots to say. It'll be interesting to see what happens if he wins. We did our weekly planning and basically just planned ways to get the members to help us find people to teach. Friday we visited Juan Pablo to work on his kids. One of them is going to go on the Trek! If he goes and participates fully, oh man. He could be blessed for his whole life. His family is pretty less active so maybe this is the key to bringing them back!

Saturday we went to an interesting baptism. They do it here as stakes. All the 8 year olds get baptized together from all the different wards. We went to support some of the families in our ward. There were a lot of missionaries from different zones there which was kinda cool. But it was very interesting to see that different way of doing things. Then we spent the day trying to find people to teach. We found a less active woman smoking on her porch. She asked us to give her a blessing for her health. As I blessed her I learned so much about testimony and conversion. Elder Bednar would have been proud. There is an important distinction between the two. That woman had a testimony of the priesthood and the accompanied blessings but she was not converted. I hope she stops smoking, I’m no doctor but I can tell that it's not going to make her heart problems any better. Saturday night we got together as a district to brainstorm what to do to find people and how best to solicit (probably a bad word to use but idc, people think that’s all we do anyway) the help of the members. 

Sunday was a good day. Marlon came to church in a nice suit and a tie. He got time off from his job just to come. I loaned him my tag to take a picture. He looked like a real dapper missionary. I hope he keeps making this progress.

Not too much 'happened.' It’s tough to write about the week but I learned a lot. It's nice being happy all the time. It sounds weird to say, but this is the way life is meant to be lived: happy.
I love you all so much.
I hope I don’t sound crazy, but if I didn't I'd probably be giving you all the wrong impression.

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