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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sorry Kate! I just read your letter and promise that I didn't forget.

[P-day was Tuesday this week because Elder Ellis (of the Seventy) visited Sam's mission.]

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She probably won’t read this but.... @GriswoldPatelcaper: @SarahBelton I'll be back soon...ish with even funnier tweets! It’s the new Gristal Ball now with more Mexican!
and Connor, if you read this, know that I am still thinking about you and will get a letter to you soon! Good luck in Montana, you'll be a stud out there, I know it!

I just read your letters and I'd like to have 20 hours to write back to all of you but I can’t. I feel so bad to everyone that has written me such great letters that I haven’t responded to. :( ugh! sorry!
I literally have like no time this week and sooo much happened. 

First things first. I have a new phrase (well I have a bunch but this is one that I will share now): 'When I grow up I want to be a Mexican!" Of course I don’t mean in the way of citizenship. I just love the Hispanic people. I don’t know if I have said that before, but I really do. It makes me so happy to be able to interact with them each day. From the little things they say, to the way they laugh and joke and greet. I am always so happy and always have a reason to smile. That is the other thing. I love serving a mission, and I love life. I (for some reason, far beyond me) have been blessed with happiness. Every day. I just am always so happy. It's like I'm on drugs or something. (ps. I stopped taking them and feel better than ever.) I don’t really know how to describe this so I'll just say it again. I love life.

Anyyyy way. So this week was a week of many crazy things. I left my planner at home because we had to bike literally 5 miles to get to these computers and there is no way I'm going back to get it. No time! Anyway(again) Monday was pday and not too much happened. We chilled a bunch with the zone leaders which was cool. I like them a lot. Good guys and we have a bunch of fun getting all our shopping and our pday things done together. But Monday we had 2 pretty good lessons, one with the Familia Roman about 1NE7 [1 Nephi chapter 7 from The Book of Mormon]. It was a pretty good lesson. The family is pretty cool, Carlos is 18 and was baptized in January but isn’t too active and his mom is interested in the church but is still holding strong to her Catholicism. She says she believes the LDM [Libro De Mormon] is true and all the things that come with that but she won’t be baptized I guess until being Catholic is wrong or something like that. It’s kind of weird but we still have good lessons with them. We had another lesson that night with a less active family and it was okay but the highlight was when one of the kids turned to me and asked "Are all the mammoths still dead?" He's 18.

Tuesday was a busy day. Elders Reynoso and Kerr (Zone leaders from the North Zone) came over to chill with us for lunch. They brought us a pizza and I made them drink some green smoothie. But we had a good time talking with them and hitting the beach volleyball around. After we finished lunch, Elder Campbell and Elder Sherwood showed up for exchanges and Elder Sherwood and I had a dopeeee day. We contacted 18 people in the street (sharing a message and leaving a commitment) and got 5 return appointments. It was action packed. One was a family that lost contact with the missionaries when they moved a couple years ago, and guess what? Now they are back in contact and they were excited! Yay! We had dinner at Juana’s. She is sooo good at making rice. I could eat her rice all day. And then she also made us tuna fish tacos which made me laugh because that's what I make for lunch sometimes hahaha. But they were good. Only problem was that she gave me 8 and I was about dying when I finished them all. I could have not finished them but, so you all know, that is pretty disrespectful if you don’t finish. Remind me when I get home to show you what people do if you don’t finish everything on your plate. Elder Sherwood and I went to visit a few families and we stopped by Antonia's house to have a short lesson with her and her housemates but when we walked in she made us eat.  Like made us two bowls and put them on the table and told us to sit down and eat before she got mad. It was so delicious (passole btw) but we were still full from dinner! Antonia is so nice. She is such a wonderful person and is always looking and asking for ways to serve others. By the time we had eaten enough for her to let us go it was 9 o’clock and we got a call that a girl was really sick so Elder Sherwood and I biked 4 miles to give her a blessing. We walked in just as the people on telemundo said that Obama had for sure won which was cool. We gave her a blessing and the parents gave us a bunch of candy hahaha (the girl came to church on Sunday and her mom talked to me for like 10 minutes thanking me. I finally had to say it wasn’t me it was Heavenly Father and run off to get to gospel principles [class]. She was nice so I felt horrible being rude, but she liked to talk a lot.) 

Wednesday we had a Zone meeting (both the districts of our zone got together to have training and discuss problems or successes and goals, etc.). We talked about investigators and stuff like that.  At Zone meeting Elder Sherwood and I ended our exchange and I immediately started one with Elder Johnson! (I loveeeee exchanges :) ) E' Johnson had like 4 lessons cancel on him so we biked all over the place and got 26 contacts! So many that we had to run home really quick because both of us ran out of cards and things to give out! My highest up to this time was 22. So that was super exciting. Elder Johnson and I were trying all day to be as excited as we could the whole time so the day went by so fast and we felt sooo good at the end of the day. (ps. if you all couldn’t tell, I’m a firm believer that being happy is easy. Nothing gets me down!)

Thursday I ended my exchange with Elder Johnson and started an exchange with Elder Nonu (zone leader)! 3 exchanges in a row is I guess unheard of and I know why. I was beat at this point, exhausted from all the biking and changes and that stuff. But! Elder Nonu had a flat so we had Elder Bennett and Taetakua to drive us to Target to find a tube for his bike. After that Elder Nonu and I biked around my area visiting people and having a few short lessons. We were talking to everyone and we met a lot of really cool people and got a bunch of referrals for the English elders. We met a guy named Daril who asked a lot of crazy deep doctrine questions like Kolob and the name of God's wife and stuff. Elder Nonu got a little impatient because I’m sure he has had to deal with that stuff a lot from people who are attacking the church, but the guy was super sincere, open, and curious so we talked to him and told him that none of those things are in the scriptures or taught by the prophet or his apostles. But we did share scriptures and other things with him which was cool. We had dinner at the chef of the Belagio's house which was sooo good. It was a roast that had been marinated he said for 3 days! It was super good but it was all so rich and delicious (and I drank 3 water bottles) then I got a really bad stomach ache and had to lie down on his floor for 5 minutes which was embarrassing but made him laugh. Then after dinner Elder Nonu's other tire got a flat and we were super far from home so we had to walk home. By the end of the night we had 37 contacts! 37 different groups of people we talked to and taught and left commitments, it was sweet. It felt so awesome to talk to so many people and hear so many stories and things. 

Friday was freezing! I don’t know exactly how cold it was but it was dang cold.  A member that we met on the street said 50 degrees and everyone asked me where my jacket was. We called someone for a lesson and they said that they'd have a lesson and then we biked up the hill to get there and she cancelled which was a bummer because it was so cold hahaa. But on the way down I talked to a group of kids and I got one of them to talk about Jesus with me while contacting a random person on the street. It’s hard to explain the whole situation but I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard after it. Some little Catholic boy talking about Jesus (and even referring to him and the Son of God) and trying to get someone on the street to visit He even gave them the card. Then I gave him and all his friends stickers and they were all super happy which made ME super happy. Kids love stickers. Thanks for sending me them! Then we had 2 lessons that night, one with Antonia and the other with the Familia Roman. 

Saturday was a pretty uneventful day. It was soooo cold. And we didn’t really see anyone on the street and all our visits fell through. Our ward mission leader took us to Cicis pizza for dinner which made me feel like poop. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you only eat the mac and cheese pizza. I love mac and cheese. 
Ahhh! Never enough time sorry!

Sunday was pretty normal. Lots of meetings and church things to do ya know, the use. (you-je)

Monday was zone conference with a couple of the nearby zones when Elder Ellis of the Seventy spoke. It was a sweet day of training.  I saw Elder Yockey [from the MTC] and talked to him which was sweet! We talked a lot about him and how he's doing. I like Elder Yockey. He's the man. Monday night a woman asked me to bless her 3 year-old so I got to do that. The little girl was like bouncing around the whole time which almost made me laugh during the blessing.

Aight peeps. That's all. I'll try to write some answers to the things you sent and send them off. Sorry there is never enough itmetioewtnaobg;AOEBGapgha
I love you all. I hope everything is going well.
Eat some bumpy cake ice cream for me.
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