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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

My new suit and me being super happy to have it. 
Note: I'm in Elder Campbell’s and Sherwood’s apartment
Thank you to everyone for the cool stuff I got today! I got a new suit!!!!! It fits well and I don’t feel quite so fat :) :) :). I also got those cool ties and all that stuff, thank you so much for all that, it made my day. Thank you also to the Krandall's for the package of goodies and the sweet letter I also got!
Don’t judge on the smile or double chin.
So I don’t know what to write. ... Maybe email me some things that you want me to talk about because I am kind of lost, hahaha, there is just so much to talk about and so little to say at the same time, but I’ll do my best to give you all something interesting to read.

First a thing I don’t like about Vegas (and I love Vegas so much): is the smell. It smells horrendous here. Not everywhere but a lot of places just smell like weed or beer and most places smell like both. And everyone is drunk or high. It's super sad. All these people. I can’t even explain it. I was talking to a guy about Christ one day, and he after a while said that he couldn't talk to me anymore because he didn't feel comfortable because he was drinking around me and talking about Jesus. He told me to come back another day when he was fully sober and not drinking. I plan on doing that. It's interesting that not drinking is a commandment that only LDS [Latter-day Saint] people follow but he, even while drinking, recognized the—idk the word, “irony”—of talking about the Savior while drinking a 40. 

I love working. No offense, but I'd trade my p-days in for another day of missionary work. I don’t think I'd be able to find a companion who would join me though... oh well. Maybe in the next life.

Hmm. This week has been an interesting one, as they all are. I had some odd and some would say 'bad experiences' that I've learned some things from. One is about the people we met going up Bonanza hill on Tuesday. Sorry but I don’t feel comfortable writing about this. To anyone who remembers, ask me when I get back and I'll tell you. 

That reminds me! Last week, after emails, we went to Home Depot to look for a screw. I found one that fit the part and bought it and a socket wrench set to fix my bike. I brought my seat with me but.... it didn't work. The head of the screw was too small. I think that was the moment I was most frustrated. SO frustrated that now I don’t even ride with a seat post anymore. It's kind of funny. It makes people laugh so that makes me happy. My frustration ended in like 10 seconds, so don’t anyone get worried or something. I'm always happy here! It’s so easy. But then we had to go up the hill (and 4 miles to get to it) with all my proselyting materials, a socket wrench set, and my bike seat and the parts to it, it was heavy. That was fun, but a little bit of a challenge. Going up hills would be easier with a seat. I promise I'm not complaining. I like the challenge :). 

I had exchanges with Elder Campbell [switching companions for the day] last week and that was cool. He's a great Elder and we bonded over Macklemore [a Seattle-based indie musician], Dyme Def [a Seattle-based hip hop trio], and the like. I was so happy, and he's from Washington, so he has the real connection. 

While contacting people we met a young guy named Sergio who we were talking to when out of the blue he packs a bowl right in front of us. He offered us a hit and I, (Elder Campbell swears I almost accepted) graciously declined. It was kinda funny. After that, we got out of there pretty fast. He was a nice guy, but we didn't need to stick around while he was getting high. 

Elder Bennett was kinda sick this week again so we didn't work a lot. But when we did, it was great. Antonia is going to be baptized next Saturday and we (including her of course) are all excited. It’s cool that she's so excited.

The temple here is huge and so beautiful. But what makes it really cool, is that it's a little bit up the mountain and the road it is on it’s straight so from almost anywhere in the valley on the road looking up you can see it or up by the strip at night there is a lighted path right to it. It’s impossible to describe how magnificent it looks. Kind of like the sunsets out here, they are out of this world. I couldn't draw or describe them and pictures don’t do them justice. 

So a bunch of people who move to the valley see the temple and don’t know what it is but want to go there. I've talked to 3 and Antonia is one of them. Saturday night we had a lesson with her and were teaching what goes on in the temple and about it and the spirit was so strong as she told us that ever since she saw it she has wanted to go there. She hasn't known what it was or how or when she would, but she knew that she would. It was cool to promise her that she was on the path to make it there with her family one day.

I've had passole like 3 times this week and its delicious. I guess it's the other staple (the first being rice beans and meat of course) so I'll be having it a lot more. 

My desk.  The office of divine inspiration.
Hmmmm what else. I've been listening to a lot of soundtrack of The Mission. That's a great one. I like it a lot thank you so much. 

I feel horrible because I don’t know what else to say... I don’t have too much to talk about this week. I wish I had more. I'm happy, healthy, and doing the Lord’s work. That's an interesting point. People treat us very differently. There are some that are friendly to us in the street. Some say things like keep up the good work or things of that nature. Some people mock us, saying we are (someone said this) like little dogs just following our masters and doing the same thing our parents have been doing and have told us to do. Some say things like, “Have fun sacrificing a goat!” or call us names or swear at us. Some people ignore us. Some people hide their faces from us or make weird symbols or hold up their crosses and call us devils. It's weird but interesting. In a day we get the whole spectrum of treatment. A lot of people think it's funny to stop us and ask us offensive questions or say mean things about our families or other members of the Church. It doesn’t hurt me at all, but it makes Elder Bennett really depressed and it gets Elder Campbell's "Irish blood pumpin’."  I always like thinking about what people think and why. What would make anyone say things like that to anyone? I have many answers, but it's something that you all (whoever reads this) can think about this week. I'm learning a lot, gospel stuff and other stuff. Life stuff. Lots of life lessons. 

I'm happy I'm here. It's harder for some people than it is for me, but there is no denying that this is hard. It's pretty unnatural and not what most people want to do with 2 years from the prime of their life but this is what I want to do with mine--helping other people full-time. 

Happy Halloween everyone I hope you all have a wonderful time. Eat some candy, but not too much and make sure everyone knows that you love them. Just like I love you all.
I hope you are all doing well.

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