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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello everyone!
Its Friday, Friday, got a write letters on Friday...
I think P-day is the most stressful day of the week. It's not like horrible or anything, but I just have sooo much to do and never enough time. Like letter writing. Today, I sat down and counted how many letters I needed to write. 14. And I couldn't get to all of them. Not even close.

It's interesting how everything is so different now. When I was in El Trifecto I thought that MTC life was all the same and pretty boring. I thought that not much could change. I was totes wrong. I live a completely different life now. Everything is so different. It's so interesting how different people are. No duh, right? But seriously I had never really thought about it before but everyone has suchhhhh different routines. Elder Harvey's and mine were about identical, but I think that was just because I got lucky with such a bro companion.

I'm still doing my happy thang. Being happy all the time. Its 95% real and 5% fake it til you make it and I'm darn proud to say that. But it has been helped so much by what people have been saying to me. Last night Hermana Ayala (my new teacher) pulled me out into another classroom and was crying as she thanked me for all my hard work with Elder Walker. She said he has grown so much in the last week and a half. I felt like I was walking on the moon. I knew that I could notice a difference but I didn't know if anyone else did. I'd go through another colonoscopy to have someone thank me like that again. It rocked. Being here so long has given me a really cool chance to meet a lot of cool people. I've had a half an hour meeting with President Hacking (2nd counselor in the MTC presidency). I've met with all 3 district presidents and I've gotten to know soooo many more teachers. I don't know where I was going with that story but I'll continue with what I was talking about before. Hermana Ayala, after she thanked me, she told me that I could teach grammar to the class if I wanted to. That'd rock but I really don't feel qualified. I've only been able to help Elder Walker so much because we get a lot of 1on1 time, but the fact that she even suggested that, genuinely might I add, made me feel really good too.

I'm trying to think of a funny story to share so it doesn't sound like I'm always bragging....
Elder Harvey wrote me a nice email which made me really happy. He's a cool cat.
Ughh... this might be a short letter this week! Not too much super exciting has been happening. Hmm, hmm, hmm. I found some cool new sunglasses while doing service. Someone left them in the room and they were up for grabs, so I got some sick 'secret agent' shades.

Elder Walker wants everyone to know that he "bore a sweet-a** testimony" all in Spanish. His words, not mine I promise. He really did though. He likes to ask the Sister Missionaries to bear? bare? idk which... he asks them to behr their testimonies to him in their languages. We have heard Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian and one other language I can't remember. But, today, one sister asked him back to bear his. He was a little scared at first and then she said that she'd rather hear mine but I didn't let him get away that easy. I ended up getting him to do it and he did it wonderfully. He was all smiles afterwards. I was too. Good times.

I've been taking a lot of notes about how I have been growing as a person. I feel like a nut job saying I've grown in just 2 months but I feel like its true. I'm slowly weeding out all the dumb things I do. It's a constant struggle ‘cause there are so many. Like, for example, patience. I need to be more patient. I think it's the drugs, mostly, but I've been catching myself almost snapping at people. Even though I am doing my best to be happy I still get irritable in my head and it's a battle to keep that irrational anger inside. Part of it I think is the drugs. I don't like them very much. I don't like them at all really.

Shout out to my brother and sister starting up Senior Year and Freshman Year. Tear it up, you two. Make your brother proud. You both are in for great times of learning and growth, please take them more seriously than I did, but also make sure you have more fun than I did. The first will be easy, the second, I don't know.

My hair is growing back.

I have a new found soft spot for Mormon messages. Hey don't judge me.
I've watched a second district leave that I watched come into the MTC. That's been a weird sensation. I feel like everyone who has come in after me is younger than me, even though like half are older than me by many months. It's so strange to see them all ship out. I have this, very unwarranted, feeling that none of them are ready yet. I know they are and I've been lucky enough to get really close to a lot of them and make some great friends and acquaintances but it's still so strange to watch them go off to all these different places. Missionary life man, it's crazy.

That's about it. Sorry for not very exciting letters. Next time maybe.
But for those of you who stuck around I have another great scripture to share that sums up these last 3 weeks perfectly. Jeremiah 4:19. The first line specifically.
That's all for now folks.
Ojala que nadie se mata.

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