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Friday, July 20, 2012

Weeeeeek 3? I don't even know anymore

Hello Everyone!
I just want to begin by saying this. Mom, you wouldn't make it in the real world zombie apocalypse. Those zombies would use the Tabasco sauce to eat you. I've been in the kitchen before; there are tons of better things than Tabasco sauce.... anyway....

This has been another long week! But there isn’t too much different so I’ll use some of my time to talk about the weird things that go one here at the MTC. First are the secret combinations. I have witnessed many but only been able to take part in one.  After the fourth of July fireworks thing I went back to the residence ready to fall asleep so I could be functional the next day. After I got into my pajamas I went out to get a drink from the water fountain. But there were about 25 missionaries gathered around it. I tried to get through them to get a drink but suddenly they grabbed me and started yelling "give some to the new guy!" I must admit I was expecting much worse than actually occurred. I got pushed to the center of the circle where somebody pushed a double shot glass into my hand and filled it to the top with Martenelli’s. Everyone was chanting and stuff and dancing around and I imagined when Moses came down with the 10 commandments he saw something like this waiting for him. But anyway everyone was chanting as other people filled their glasses and then one shirtless guy with the most defined 6 pack I have ever seen raised his glass and everyone fell instantly silent. Then he screamed "TO THE UNSHAKEABLE BROTHER HOOD!" and everyone responded "THE BROTHERHOOD!" and drained their glasses. Then he yelled again, "We're getting real weird tonight!" that’s when I decided I could just get a drink in the morning and I politely .... pushed my way out of the circle and ran back to my room. There are some other weird things that go on too. Almost every night the guys do p90x [workout] for like an hour and most of them are all but(t) naked. (See what I did there?) It made me think of Maryann (not the naked part though). It's kind of weird because sometimes they also wrestle and stuff when they're all sweaty... kids these days.

I saw Dr. Peer [one of Sam's professors from BYU] on Monday which made me super duper happy. He was in the cafeteria and I broke the rules and yelled out to him, he came running(walking) over and gave me a huge hug which made me sooo happy. He remembered where I was going and asked me how the MTC was and we talked for a few minutes. Then he recognized Elder Harvey which was cool too. We all fist bumped and he went off to do his branch presidency stuff. He told me to tell my dad hello, so dad - "hello" from Dr. Peer. What was cool was when I sat down, the elder next to me said "habla espanol?" I laughed and said "un poco" and then he (in Spanish) asked me if I was going to Las Vegas and I said I was and he told me he was too! We talked for the rest of the lunch and he was a really cool guy (elder). He knows more English than I know Spanish which made me embarrassed but he was really sincere and I’ve seen him a couple other times around the MTC since then and he always calls me Elder Vegas and throws his arms around me. It makes me feel really good.

I’ve realized that a full day of class and learning and study stresses me out a lot so I spend some time at night drawing on the board and it makes people happy and unstresses me out which is a double win. Recently I drew up a Teacher versus Preacher bracket where the 8 district and zone leaders from our branch fight in the arena with the 8 teachers that have been teaching us. All the teachers thought it was hysterical and the nicknames have started to stick which is cool. Making people laugh is like the only thing keeping me sane here. And reading all the letters each week I get. I feel super loved when I get a nice big stack :) Thanks guys!
Quick shout out to the Johansson’s to the giant box of food they sent me!!!!  It was like 10 pounds of delicious junk food. I haven’t been eating much junk food here so I shared most of it and was an instant celebrity.  Another quick shout out to Hannah - congrats on getting engaged! You probably will be too busy to read this, but if not way to go ginger!

They closed the gym to redo the floor so I've been playing a lot of sand volleyball. Cool story huh? It's way different than indoors because it takes a lot longer to start moving but you can dive out there so that (almost) makes up for it. The problem is the sand gets everywhere and is really fine so it has like stained my towel and some of my shirts.
I saw Cameron on Wednesday! I was super happy to see him. I was coming out of lunch right as he left the bookstore and I ran up and gave him a huge hug. I don’t think he was prepared for it because he looked a little lost and overwhelmed, oh nuevos, so young and inexperienced. He got some goof new glasses so I almost didn’t recognize him, but not really. It made me happy to see him but I wish I had more time to talk with him. Maybe we can sit next to each other before a devotional or something. But he will have his hands full with Malay I am sure. He has to teach his first investigator tonight in Malay and I am not too envious of that. I was talking to another elder in his district who said that he was going old school and memorizing a lesson because he couldn’t speak at all. That made me laugh.

Speaking of making me laugh I think the worst band goes to Dad and the best (I promise I’m not playing favorites) goes to Cameron. Dad you're a loser :)/
Kate - thank you so much for your letter. Of all the ones I received this week yours was my favorite. I must admit that it made me tear up a little bit. You do need to work on your college essays your senior year should be a fun time to learn a lot and not have to worry about just like college apps. Get them done over the summer and then have fun during the school year without having to worry about them. But I know that won’t be a problem for you. The part about you throwing up made me laugh so hard. I was picturing it 100 percent like the sandlot when they swallow the chaw like splashing all over themselves and the people below the rides. Your signature "Kato" really made me happy too.
I have three requests this week 2 for the fam and 1 for everyone else. Mom and/or Dad can you send me "The Nights Watch Oath"(it might not be called that). It’s from a song of ice and fire it’s like 1 paragraph and can you also send me the walrus and the carpenter poem? Thanks. I’ve been thinking about those a lot. Everyone else keep sending me letters!!!! I love hearing from you all so much and they all make me happy and smile. If you don’t know what to write just tell me about your week and then end with a joke or your zombie apocalypse weapon or your super band. I love, love, love, love, love reading your letters. I feel like this letter was really short I hope it isn’t too short. But whatever it’s not my fault, I've gotta be obedient right?
I miss you all so much. But I'm having such a great time learning about myself, Spanish, the gospel, and you weird human people. I'm so glad I’m not one. I don’t think I could handle it. I’ll send home a paper tonight of more things that I want ya’ll to type up and put on here but you probably won’t get them till like next Tuesday. Tsk Tsk. Snail mail.
Thanks again for like the 30th time for all your letters. Let this be like my SOS. If you can read this shoot me a dear elder because I'd love to hear from you. I don’t want to seem needy ... but I am.
Your Favorite Martian
- Sam

PS. I thought about starting this letter out like an Elder Hafen with a cool thing I've eaten this week but I don’t think anyone wants to hear about the MTC food. It's probably way grosser than that cobra blood smoothie!

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